Friday, November 30, 2012

Another OMG manicure

Hi everyone~ Lately, I've been finding that when I reach for my holographic nail polishes, it's usually China Glaze OMG. I don't know why, there's just something about the amazing holographic finish and the rainbow of colours which make me choose it over my other shades. Check out my photos and you'll understand :P

This is two coats of OMG and then stamped with Australis Iron ore and Bundle Monster's 2011 stamping plate set BM-205.


omg stamped with flowers

Iron ore isn't the best black stamping polish, but I wanted to use a more shimmer based black so it wouldn't draw attention away from OMG, hence the less opaque stamping. It was definitely my stamping polish choice and not a defective plate. For more stamping plates, check out this link. You can also keep up to date with Bundle Monster on their facebook page.

What do you think of this stamping attempt? :)

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flowers and violets

Hello hello~ Short post today! I started with two coats of Glitter Gal Hidden violets, a beautiful violet polish with the prettiest duochrome ♥ I then stamped an image from Bundle Monster's 2011 plate set BM-221 over it with Ulta3 Gold rush fever.

hidden violet1

hidden violet2

hidden violet stamped

Sometimes, nice and simple does the trick :) If you're interested in Bundle Monster stamping plates, you can check out the plates here, or keep up to date with their products via their facebook page.

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Ozotic 905 meets Dirty Sexy Money

Hi everyone! Here is a simply layering - simple, but gorgeous, might I add ;) I applied two coats of Misa Dirty Sexy Money and then layered on a thin coat of Ozotic 905. I think I may actually prefer layering this polish over lighter shades; darker base colours just don't look as pretty! I guess the silvery shimmer doesn't stand out as much and the shifting shades of colour help make the crème polish look so much more interesting.

ozotic 905 layered over dirty sexy money1

ozotic 905 layered over dirty sexy money2

ozotic 905 layered over dirty sexy money3

Hmmm, what colour should I layer 905 next? ;)

Thanks for reading!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Have some cracked neons :)

Hello everyone :) I recently received a set of Bundle Monster's 2011 stamping plates in the mail so expect lots of stamping posts coming up! As a newly self confessed stamping addict, I'm excited to add these 25 plates into my small (but growing!) collection :) To think I used to disregard stamping because I "just couldn't do it"!

And no, in reference to the title of the post, it's got nothing to do with crackle polish :P I was in the mood for neon polish but I didn't want my nails to be blinding. What better way to sport them than to cover up with some shatter stamping! It's a pity my top coat smeared the stamping though :(

I started with two coats of Ulta3 lily white so that my neons would pop against the solid base colour. I then took some mini nail polishes from Orly's Feel the vibe collection in Beach cruiser, Glowstick, Melt your popsicle and Skinny dip and a sponge to gently dab the polishes over the white base. I used a black polish to stamp the design from BM-208.

neon cracks1

neon cracks2

neon cracks3

I had someone in my Uni class asking me if that was the new 'shatter' by OPI...she was surprised to hear it was a stamped design ;) Have any of you had these types of questions from passer bys before? :P

I just love how the Bundle Monster stamping plates have a huge variety of designs for me to choose from! The designs are engraved deeply enough for easy transfer and they're all really unique :) You can check out the rest of their beauty related products on their website here and keep up to date with them on their facebook page!

Be sure that I'll be stamping more often nowadays, especially since I'm busy with work. I just need that little extra bit of nail art on my tips and stamping is definitely the way to go when short on time ;)

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Swatches and review: OPI Mariah Carey collection

Hello hello! As promised, here is the more detailed swatch and review post of OPI's Mariah Carey collection. I won't chat much as I'm sure you're all here for the polish ;)

opi mariah carey collection bottle shot

To kick things off, here is Anti-bleak. I didn't expect such a red toned plum so the shade was definitely a nice surprise. Whilst this isn't the most unique of colours, this is unique to my collection only because I tend to shy away from red toned purple shades. For ladies who have a greater liking for reds, this may not be too interesting.

I found Anti-bleak to flow effortlessly onto my nails and was rather opaque. You can definitely get away with one thicker coat if you're careful but I applied two in my photos to even out the polish. Beware that this one is a stainer - I only had it on for swatches and it gave my nails a nice red tone. It took a lot of scrubbing to get rid of the staining!



Sprung was a polish I expected myself to like from the promo pictures and it sure didn't disappoint. This coppery bronze polish is just packed full of shimmer! It's absolutely gorgeous and in fact, I'm wearing it as a notd now ;) The formula was a little on the thin side and photos show two coats. It may require a  third coat to even out bald spots though. Out of the four polishes I have from the collection, this is easily my favourite. I can see myself reaching for this often as the weather cools down in March :)




Get your number is part of the Liquid Sand lacquers of the collection. When I first heard of Liquid Sands, I truly thought there was more to it than glitter. Unfortunately, it appears that polishes in this line are only brimming with glitter and resulting in a gritty finish. The grittiness only really appears once the nail polish is fully dry and as you can see in my photos below, they haven't dried to the extent of showing the final finish.

I applied three coats of Get your number - on my pinky and middle nails, I applied a coat of top coat. Whilst I'm a little disappointed with the way Liquid Sand lacquers turned out, I'm sure head over heels in love with this blue glitter! It's amazingness packed into a 15mL bottle and if you're going to pass up on anything in this new finish line, please don't let it be Get your number! Because it's a little sheer, I plan on layering this over a blue next time I wear know, just to preserve what I have of it ;)

get your number1

get your number2

Stay the night was unfortunately a disappointment after Get your number. If you expect the same grittiness level as Get your number, be prepared to think again. Stay the night is definitely the epitome of grittiness and I have photos to prove it! Not only that, I found the formula thicker and hence harder to work with. A plus though is that it still dried very fast, even faster than Get your number, which I found odd considering it was thicker! Photos below show two coats, with no top coat. Yepppppp, this sure is liquid sand!

stay the night1

stay the night2

I applied a coat of top coat onto my pinky and middle nails and as you can see, this one is a huge top coat eater. Be prepared to layer on the top coats to even this one out!

stay the night3

stay the night4

Of the four polishes I had the opportunity to try, I'd say you definitely need Sprung and Get your number. I seriously cannot emphasise just how gorgeous the two polishes are ♥ The Mariah Carey collection will be available in January 2013 at selected beauty salons and David Jones. Actually, I just spotted OPI nail polishes being advertised in my Myer catologue today so perhaps you'll spot them there too...eventually? For more information, check out the press release.

What are your thoughts on this collection? Any you'll be picking up?

Thank you for reading!
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Quick swatches: OPI Mariah Carey collection

Hey everyone :) I just received OPI's Mariah Carey collection and couldn't wait to swatch them. These are quick swatches until I have a little more time on my hands, but I hope you enjoy them anyway :) Check out the press release post for more information about this collection!

-EDIT- here is the post with my full swatches and review :)

Bottle shots! From left to right:
Stay the night, Get your number, Sprung, Anti-bleak

opi mariah carey collection bottle shot

Get your number and Stay the night are the Liquid Sand polishes of the collection. So far from these swatches, they just seem to be extremely glittery nail polishes and hence the 'liquid sand' (gritty) finish. I have a feeling ladies who do not enjoy gritty finishes will be piling on the top coats for these polishes!

mariah carey quick swatch1

mariah carey quick swatch2

I'll have a normal swatch and review post up soon. In the mean time, you can like Polish Infatuated on facebook to stay up to date :)

Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Press release: OPI Mariah Carey collection

Hi ladies :) Yes, you read correctly! OPI has worked with Mariah Carey to put together a collection and not just any old collection - it features Liquid Sand! Check out the press release for more information :)

Chart-Smashing Colours!

OPI pays homage to multi award winning artist and American Idol judge Mariah Carey as she puts her name to a range of nail lacquers, including OPI’s new Liquid Sand formula.

The 'Butterfly' singer collaborated with OPI on our new Liquid Sand formula, taking a hands-on approach in the creative process, selecting the colour shades and devising the names.

Mariah Carey’s music served as the inspiration for the glamorous, sultry and vibrant colour range. OPI’s new Liquid Sand lacquers dry to a textured, 'pebbled' effect leaving a sparkling textured finish with fine glitter particles. Textured finishes in the nails category have been a trendy topic for the spring and summer season, OPI predicts that this trend will continue through to Autumn 2013.

The Mariah Carey range features four new OPI Liquid Sand lacquers featuring ground breaking technology that offers a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle. If worn without top coat, Liquid Sand lacquer gives nails a unique textured matte finish worthy of a superstar.

The Mariah Carey by OPI collection includes four Studio Shades, ranging from pink glitter to rich plum crème and four Stage Shades, each featuring the new Liquid Sand textured finish.

The sophisticated Studio Shades are as follows:

This sophisticated frosty tan nude will have everyone in a flutter, A Butterfly Moment. You will fall hopelessly in love with this shimmery copper, Sprung.

 This pink glitter with a lavender shimmer, shines like a superstar and is something to be admired Pink Yet Lavender. Your spirits will be lifted when you wear this deep, creamy purple Anti-bleak.

 The Liquid Sand Stage Shades include:

Make it last the whole night long in this dramatic matte black with a red glints of glitter particles, Stay the Night. Don’t forget to Get Your Number in this matte blue with dynamic sparkles.

The Impossible is always possible in this matte fuchsia shade with confetti star power that never gives up. You will be holding onto this matte purple with a dazzling sparkle in Can’t Let Go.

Mariah Carey by OPI nail lacquers contain no DBP, Toluene and are Formaldehyde FREE and features OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush designed to hold more Nail Lacquer, spread it more quickly and evenly, and deliver a smooth, streak-free application.

Mariah Carey by OPI will be available in January 2013 (if not before), at selected beauty salons, spas and David Jones nationally, $19.95 RRP. For your nearest OPI stockists contact 1800 358 999 or visit
Can I say WOW? :D I'm not the hugest glitter fan but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how the Liquid Sand polishes fare and the difference between them and normal glitter polishes. I'm loving the look of Sprung and Get your number at the moment and I sure hope the real deal won't disappoint!

Which ones are you most interested in?

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Purple and green nail art mash post

Hi everyone! Yes, clearly I didn't know how to name this post either :P Another manicure I rather liked but I felt it may have had a little too many differences - should have split them up into two different looks haha. Anyway, here's what I put together :)

Pinky: two coats of Face of Australia Titanium
Ring: two coats of OPI Thanks a windmillion, stamped with m69 and accented with silver nail art polish
Middle: one coat of Rimmel Your majesty, then painted the braided design with Thanks a windmillion and Parlez-vous OPI?
Index: two coats of OPI Parlez-vous OPI? layered with Cult Nails Seduction
Thumb: two coats of Thanks a windmillion, then taped off and one thick coat of Parlez-vous OPI?. Hearts painted with a dotting tool and with Australis Blackmail and Titanium

purple&green nail art mash1

purple&green nail art mash2

purple&green nail art mash3

Close up of Seduction because it's that awesome ♥

purple&green nail art mash4

I think I may try the thumb design again some time soon. It felt like a bit too much with the manicure on the whole but I like it enough to give it another go. What do you think? :) Oh, please take the time to like Polish Infatuated on facebook too!

Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blue, glitter and black mish mash

Hello hello :) Yes, I totally didn't know how to name this post - the manicure really is rather random. Random, but nice. I really enjoyed wearing it! ♥ And may I add, the saran wrap I did was my favourite. I need to do an entire manicure with the same colour combination soon, the denim look is awesome :D

Pinky: two coats of Cult Nails Princess
Ring: two coats of Princess, then saran wrapped with China Glaze First mate
Middle: two coats of Australis Blackmail. I then taped off my nail and layered Color Club Magic attraction at the base and added the 2mm stud from Born Pretty Store as an accent
Index: three coats of Magic attraction
Thumb: two coats of Princess, stamped with fauxnad m69

blue, glitter and black mish mash1

blue, glitter and black mish mash2

Some sunny photos to show Magic attraction sparkling :)

blue, glitter and black mish mash3

blue, glitter and black mish mash4

Yep, loving this manicure lots! ;) Please take a second to like Polish Infatuated on facebook too! ^^

Thanks for reading.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Swatches and review: Ozotic Beam 905

Hello everyone! Today I have a nail polish from Ozotic's recently released Beam collection to share with you :) 905 is a beautiful layering polish with intense rainbow shimmers. I see yellow, pink, blue and purple...just to name a few ;) But I think I'll let the photos do the talking here!

I layered one very thin coat of 905 over Australis Blackmail.

ozotic 905 1

As you can see, the silvery base really shines through so you have to be careful when applying - especially if you don't want to cover the base colour up. I was a little heavy handed on my middle finger and you can see how dense the shimmer payout is!

ozotic 905 2

An underwater shot to show the colours~♥

ozotic 905 3

ozotic 905 4

The silver especially stands out under direct sunlight!

ozotic 905 5

And of course, I had to apply a matte top coat, it was totally calling for it ;) Beautiful ♥♥

ozotic 905 6

Glossy and matte colour drops :)

ozotic 905 7ozotic 905 8

Ozotic Beam 905 is now available from the Picture Polish website for $12 a bottle. Check out the Network members page for your nearest stockist!

And once again I ask - matte or glossy? ;) Please take a moment to like Polish Infatuated on facebook too :)

Thanks for reading!
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