Sunday, June 29, 2014

Swatches & review: OPI Tinted Top Coats collection

Hi everyone! My apologies for my sudden absence - real life required some extra time so I wasn't able to spend as much time on the blog. But I'm back now (with some exciting giveaways planned!), so I'll dive straight back into the polish :)

I did some quick swatches of OPI's Tinted Top Coats collection a while back and from index to pinky:

Be magentale with me, Don't violet me down, I'm never amberrassed, I can teal you like me.

My swatches show two coats over a white base.

sheer tints1

In terms of formula, it was thick and goopy and prone to bubbling. I had to be very careful to let each coat dry between coats to ensure no bubbling.

sheer tints2

I decided to do some quick nail art with the four shades! I simply used the brush from the bottle to make swipes over a white base.

sheer tints nail art1

sheer tints nail art2

The Tinted Top Coats collection is now available in David Jones, Myer and selected salons across Australia. Each bottle retails for $19.95.

What do you think, have you picked up any of these shades?

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Autumn leaves are falling

Hello there! This post is a bit late considering the nail art was put together in May...oops! We've finally hit winter season and temps, but I guess it's better late than never ;)

I started with OPI My vampire is buff and then took OPI Over & over a-Gwen, Call me Gwen-ever and Need sunglasses for the stamping.

autumn leaves stamp1

autumn leaves stamp2

The yellow didn't come out that well, but I was quite happy with the way my nails turned out all the same. Very autumn-y and fitted for the time when I wore them :P

Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Swatches & review: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

Hi ladies! Rimmel recently released a new and improved formula to their Moisture Renew Lipsticks in 13 new shades. As the name suggests, I found the lippies to be quite moisturising for my lips - no dry feeling whilst I wore them.

There were a range of brighter shades, darker and vampier ones as well as the more neutral shades. Me being me, I leaned towards the brighter shades, and also a dark and vampy plum.

From the shades I swatched, I found they were quite pigmented.

Back to Fuchsia is a beautiful bright raspberry. It's definitely right up my alley!

Amethyst Shimmer has a fine shimmer and results in a pearly looking finish. To be honest, it looked rather like a 'grandma' shade and not one I will be reaching for often - it doesn't look particularly flattering on me as well.

In Love with Ginger is another huge winner for me. I love this orange toned red and is bold, yet wearable. I find this shade of red easier to wear compared to blue toned reds anyway.

Diva Red is a darker red. Very bold and sophisticated!

Sloane's Plum was the shade I was most excited to try, but also the least flattering on me. It made me look rather vampire like - I guess I'm not a dark plum kinda gal.

I wore my two favourite shades and managed to find some good lighting to take a few photos. Unfortunately, my actual lip swatches still turned out duller than what is seen in real life.

Back to Fuchsia:

In Love with Ginger:

The wear time on the lippies were average; around 3-4 hours before fading. Eating and drinking will definitely affect wear time and create the unfortunate 'ring of colour' effect.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick are available from Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies across Australia. They retail at $13.95 each.

What do you think, are there any you think you might want to pick up?

Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Swatches & review: OPI Spotlight on Glitter

Hello :) OPI recently released a collection with a focus on glitter, aptly named Spotlight on glitter! The collection consists of six glitter bombs - some of which we have seen from previous collections, but we'll get to that towards the end of the post. First up, the photos :)

Blush hour has a sheer magenta base, which is buildable in three thicker coats. Expect to find purple and pink hex glitters in this, as well as smaller silver and blue pieces. Whilst you can also layer this, I decided to show it on its own - pictured is three coats.

blush hour1

blush hour2

You pink too much is just as the name suggests; a combination of pink glitter pieces mixed with fine silver glitter. I layered a coat of it over OPI Don't bossa nova me.

you pink too much1

you pink too much2

Rose of light is a rose gold glitter shade. I actually thought I would love this one the most but the square glitter were surprisingly difficult to fish out of the bottle, which was quite off putting! This was layered over OPI Do you lilac it?.

rose of light1

rose of light2

Chasing rainbows consists of an array of different coloured glitters and is literally rainbow in a bottle! I layered one coat over Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money.

chasing rainbows1

chasing rainbows2

Desperately seeking sequins has an amazing combination of smaller bar glitters, fine holographic pieces and silver hex glitters. Layered over Tony Moly CL46.

desperately seeking sequins1

desperately seeking sequins2

I reached my gold has large gold hex glitters. I've heard of how these are a bit 'taco-y' i.e. curly glitter, but I really don't see much of it from my bottle! Layered over black.

i reached my gold1

i reached my gold2

Now, for the possible deal breaker with this collection! As you may have noticed, 4 of the 6 nail polishes are in fact recycled from previous collections. My honest initial reaction to this was a huge no, because you've got:

You Pink Too Much dupe for Pink Yet Lavender
Chasing Rainbows dupe for Rainbow Connection
Desperately Seeking Sequins dupe for Which is Witch?
I Reached My Gold dupe for When Monkeys Fly

However, the more I thought about it, the more I began to realise that this release was a good chance for new nail enthusiasts to grab the glitters. After all, they're gorgeous and OPI definitely chose some pretty darn good glitters (for a mainstream company!) to be included. I just wish they were explicit with the glitters being re-released and used the same names.

Each bottle of OPI retails for $19.95. The Spotlight on glitter collection is now available in selected Myer and David Jones stores, as well as selected salons across Australia.

What are you thoughts on this collection?

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Beachy gradient

Hi everyone! I've been itching to do a gradient for awhile and this time decided to use more subtle colours to create the look. I took OPI My vampire is buff and Can't find my Czechbook for the gradient, and then layered Nubar 2010.

beachy gradient1

beachy gradient2

It was unintentional, but I found the gradient looked rather beach-like afterwards :)

Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Swatches & review: Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polishes

Hello there :) Sally Hansen recently released some new shades in their Triple Shine range and I have a few of them to share today. Because this line is marketed to be glossy, I didn't apply any top coat over my swatches, except for the glitter one.

Dive in is a pretty teal. It's not the most unique shade, but if you're in the market for a teal, this one is a good choice. Two coats.

dive in1

dive in2

Fanta-sea is a glitter with a mixture of green, silver and black micro glitter pieces. I decided to layer one coat over Dive in and finished off with top coat to seal in the combination.



Slick black is a pretty black polish with silver shimmer. A nice choice if you're after an interesting black polish. Two coats.

slick black1

slick black2

Overall, I found these nail polishes to be rather boring, for a girl with a collection of over 400 bottles of nail polish. However, if you're just starting out or building your stash of colours, these will be nice shades to add to your collection!

Thanks for reading.
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