Thursday, September 29, 2011

There's glitter and there's crackle

Hello hello! As promised, I'm back with a mani for today :) I was actually all ready to polish my nails but had a little problem - I didn't know what colour to choose! D: Do you ladies feel this sometimes? To think I own just over 200 bottles of nail polish but didn't know which one to use...dilemma!

Anyway, I finally decided on using OPI Last friday night since I love love love the pretty blue-yellow-orange-green glitter suspended in a sheer blue base. I thought I'd layer it over black and then inspiration hit me - why not reverse the colours for an accent nail? So crackle polish was brought out to layer over a blue base shade :)

Oh and I totally chopped my nails while I was sick haha. I couldn't stand the length they were growing to and couldn't be bothered to file them so for the first time in over a year, I brought out my nail clippers :P Hence the nubs and rounded nail shape. I can't wait until they grow back out though, I much more prefer the squoval shape to this.

glitter crack1

I applied two coats of Ulta3 black satin and then layered two coats of Last Friday night over it. Don't you just adore the beauty that is LFN? It's just so gorgeous, definitely my favourite polish from the Katy Perry collection! For my accent nail, I applied two coats of OPI Yodel me on my cell and then layered a coat of OPI Black shatter over it.

glitter crack2

glitter crack3

What do you think of this mani? :)

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm back! :)

Hi ladies~ Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my brief absence - has it really been ten days since my last post?! As you know from my previous sporadic posting, I was sick and finally felt the full brunt of it in my absence. I am however well on the road to recovery now and have actually painted my nails after over two weeks (!!) of naked nails. Manicure postings shall resume shortly once I've taken photos hehe.

Oh and welcome to my new followers :) I do hope you'll stick around, I promise there will be relevant mani posts coming very soon! For now, please know that I appreciate each and one of you for actually reading my little blog ^^

Thanks for dropping by!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bootie Babe Cosmetics

Hello ladies~ I'm still a little under the weather but much, much better than a couple of days ago! I recently received in my inbox some information about some new nail polishes from BB Cosmetics.

I love how unique these bottle shapes are, seriously, whoever thought bums could contain nail polish? :P These totally need to be the 'other half' to Nfu Oh polish bottles XD

The shades look amazing and so right for the summery weather we're having here in Australia now. These twelve shades of nail polishes are available on BB Cosmetics' website. Each bottle retails for $9US and the good news is, they ship internationally! Besides nail polish, BB Cosmetics also offers six different perfume fragrances, which you can check out here.


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birthday mani

Hi ladies~ Apologies for not being around as often these days, I've been busy with uni and on top of that, I've fallen sick :( There seems to be some sort of bug going around - everyone I know is sick or recovering. Anyway, here's a quick update on my birthday mani (it was yesterday. and I was sick :S) before I go and rest a little more.

I applied two coats of OPI Siberian nights onto my index and fifth fingers, then layered with China Glaze 5 golden rings. For my thumb and fourth fingers, I applied three coats of Orly Fowl play. I love the flakies in this polish, I really do <33. On my middle finger, I applied one coat of Ulta3 gold rush fever then used a tape to tape off two thin lines. I then applied a thick coat of OPI Lincoln park after dark suede.

birthday mani1

birthday mani2

birthday mani3

Ahh, not much else to say. I think I'm ready to go to bed again~


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Monday, September 12, 2011

Storm clouds rolling in

Hi everyone~ Spring in Australia means fluctuating temperatures and weather. One day it's warm and sunny, the next it's cloudy and freezing :(. This mani was totally fit for the cloudy weather we had a few days ago. Too cold!

I applied two coats of Rimmel grey matter onto my nails. I then took my OPI Servin' up sparkle to give the mani some glitter tips. I love how the glitter adds that little extra bling to the mani to make it look more interesting <3.

grey and sparkles1

grey and sparkles2

grey and sparkles3

What do you think of this mani? I've gotta run now, class will be on soon!


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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The holo purple

Hi ladies :) I'll be heading out to a friend's birthday party tonight and chose out a purple dress to wear. And of course, I had to have matching tips so I pulled out the gorgeous Color Club Wild at heart purple holo to wear. I'm sure it'll still show off it's beautiful holo goodness even under artificial light ♥

I applied two coats of Wild at heart and sealed it with a top coat. All photos are taken under direct sunlight. Just look at the lovely! <33

wild at heart1

wild at heart2

wild at heart3

Ahhh, rainbow dancing on my nails. Loveeeeee! ♥ Do you own Wild at heart? And what's your favourite holo polish? :)


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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yet another spring mani ^^;;

Hello lovelies~ I'm totally on a roll with these spring-inspired manis :P Can't help it, it's September and springgggggggg :D Although it was a tad cooler today and cloudy. Hopefully the sun will come back soon!

ready for spring1

I applied two coats of Ulta3 watermelon onto my index and fifth fingers and then used Ulta3 lily white for the dots. Two coats of Zoya Tiffany was applied onto my fourth finger. For my middle finger, I applied two coats of lily white and layered on two coats of Jordana Disco days. Finally, I applied two coats of Ulta3 spring fling onto my thumb and dotted with lily white. For some extra sparkle, I applied one coat of Disco days.

ready for spring2

I don't usually wear orange shades so I thought I'd try it out again, especially since it's (meant to be) getting warmer. What do you think of orange on your tips?


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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why I love purple

Hi everyone~ I'm still sporting my spring pastel mani so this one's from the vault :) I'm sure you all know of my love affair for purple by now, I harp on about it so much :P Zoya Mimi was no exception to my love and you can see why! ♥ I applied two coats of Mimi onto my nails and sealed it with a top coat. And oops, the flashes of red you see are a reflection of my top!




This is a gorgeous shade of purple, I love it loads <33. The only thing is that the polish does stain, so definitely double up on your base coat. Do you love purple as much as I do? ^^


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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spring has arrived!

Hello lovelies~ Spring has arrived here in Australia and so what better way to celebrate this than to bring out the pastel polish shades? :) I saw 'chelle's awesome pastel mani and was inspired to create my own. I don't have any flower fimos so I used my dotting tool to paint some myself ^^

spring pastels1

Boy, I used soooo many nail polishes for this mani. All stripes were applied with Glossyblossom nail art striper in white. Here's the whole list!

Pinky: base - two coats of Ulta3 spring fling; flower - Ulta3 watermelon, spring blossom
Ring: base - two coats of China Glaze Light as air; flower - Color Club Uptown girl, Ulta3 spring blossom
Middle: base - three coats of China Glaze Re-fresh mint; flower - Misa Dirty sexy money, Ulta3 spring blossom
Index: base - three coats of Ulta3 spring blossom; flower - mix of Ulta3 spring blossom & spring fling
Thumb: base - two coats of Ulta3 spring shower; flower - China Glaze First mate, Ulta3 spring blossom

spring pastels2

spring pastels3

How fitting is it that half the polishes I used had 'spring' in their name? :) I am so, so, soooo in love with this mani ♥♥ I keep staring at my nails-eeeeek! Hehe, I love my pastel polishes and totally need to own more of them. What do you think of pastel shades? :)


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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tick tock, tick tock...

Hi ladies! I just saw this wonderful tag over at Polishology and seeing as it's such an awesome idea, I decided to take part in it too :)
We all start off somewhere, some of us much better at nail painting and photographing than others, but at the end of the day, practice makes perfect. I thought rather than show only my first and last manis on the blog, I'd show a progression. This way, you can see how my skills have improved (at least, I hope so :P) over time.

The first mani I ever showed on Polish Infatuated ♥

C-c-courage sun

One month into blogging and one of my first successful nail art :P

plaid nails

Five months in - I still preferred photographing my right hand~

Siberian nights

Ten months into blogging - I've changed my hand poses!

rainbow crackle1

And of course, my anniversary nails.

prince charming1

And here's my most recent mani ^^


This was such a lovely tag, I encourage you all to do it :D It's fun seeing how much you've improved over time - one thing I like to do when reading my favourite blogs is to look at their first few posts. And plus, who doesn't like a trip down good ole' memory lane? :)


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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Black and blingggggg!

Hi lovely readers <3 Today's mani is influenced by my love for dark nail polishes :) For some reason, whenever I'm stuck for ideas on what to wear, black is my go to shade (besides purple, of course). I applied two coats of Orly Matte vinyl onto my index and fifth fingers and two coats of Glitter Gal black onto my middle and thumb. For some extra bling, I layered two coats of Color Club Magic attraction over one coat of Ulta3 black satin.





I love how Magic attraction is so awesome and blingy <3. And of course, black totally jumps to life and shows off it's rainbow holo under the sun. I don't think the holo was photographed too well here, if you want to see it in it's fullest glory, check out my swatch here~ :)

Any lovers of black manis? ^^


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