Thursday, November 22, 2012

Swatches and review: OPI Mariah Carey collection

Hello hello! As promised, here is the more detailed swatch and review post of OPI's Mariah Carey collection. I won't chat much as I'm sure you're all here for the polish ;)

opi mariah carey collection bottle shot

To kick things off, here is Anti-bleak. I didn't expect such a red toned plum so the shade was definitely a nice surprise. Whilst this isn't the most unique of colours, this is unique to my collection only because I tend to shy away from red toned purple shades. For ladies who have a greater liking for reds, this may not be too interesting.

I found Anti-bleak to flow effortlessly onto my nails and was rather opaque. You can definitely get away with one thicker coat if you're careful but I applied two in my photos to even out the polish. Beware that this one is a stainer - I only had it on for swatches and it gave my nails a nice red tone. It took a lot of scrubbing to get rid of the staining!



Sprung was a polish I expected myself to like from the promo pictures and it sure didn't disappoint. This coppery bronze polish is just packed full of shimmer! It's absolutely gorgeous and in fact, I'm wearing it as a notd now ;) The formula was a little on the thin side and photos show two coats. It may require a  third coat to even out bald spots though. Out of the four polishes I have from the collection, this is easily my favourite. I can see myself reaching for this often as the weather cools down in March :)




Get your number is part of the Liquid Sand lacquers of the collection. When I first heard of Liquid Sands, I truly thought there was more to it than glitter. Unfortunately, it appears that polishes in this line are only brimming with glitter and resulting in a gritty finish. The grittiness only really appears once the nail polish is fully dry and as you can see in my photos below, they haven't dried to the extent of showing the final finish.

I applied three coats of Get your number - on my pinky and middle nails, I applied a coat of top coat. Whilst I'm a little disappointed with the way Liquid Sand lacquers turned out, I'm sure head over heels in love with this blue glitter! It's amazingness packed into a 15mL bottle and if you're going to pass up on anything in this new finish line, please don't let it be Get your number! Because it's a little sheer, I plan on layering this over a blue next time I wear know, just to preserve what I have of it ;)

get your number1

get your number2

Stay the night was unfortunately a disappointment after Get your number. If you expect the same grittiness level as Get your number, be prepared to think again. Stay the night is definitely the epitome of grittiness and I have photos to prove it! Not only that, I found the formula thicker and hence harder to work with. A plus though is that it still dried very fast, even faster than Get your number, which I found odd considering it was thicker! Photos below show two coats, with no top coat. Yepppppp, this sure is liquid sand!

stay the night1

stay the night2

I applied a coat of top coat onto my pinky and middle nails and as you can see, this one is a huge top coat eater. Be prepared to layer on the top coats to even this one out!

stay the night3

stay the night4

Of the four polishes I had the opportunity to try, I'd say you definitely need Sprung and Get your number. I seriously cannot emphasise just how gorgeous the two polishes are ♥ The Mariah Carey collection will be available in January 2013 at selected beauty salons and David Jones. Actually, I just spotted OPI nail polishes being advertised in my Myer catologue today so perhaps you'll spot them there too...eventually? For more information, check out the press release.

What are your thoughts on this collection? Any you'll be picking up?

Thank you for reading!
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  1. Get Your Number looks very pretty! Love blue glitters!

  2. That's a shame about Stay the Night :( It looks really pretty in the bottle!

  3. Get your number looks like the clear winner for me

  4. Melbourne CBD Myer has OPI now! Hopefully they and DJs will have a discounting war.

  5. Melbourne CBD Myer has OPI now! Hopefully they and DJs will have a discounting war.

  6. Sprung is definitely the prettiest out of the 4 you have here! :)

  7. I'm sorry but that finish is just awful, what would give them the idea that we want gritty nails? That's one of the biggest issues in the blogging world...topcoat eaters and gritty glitters. Extremely disappointed. With that said, the other colors are gorgeous and your swatches are great, as always!

  8. The blue gritty one looks pretty but I can't even understand what they were thinking with the other... eeeeesh! Will skip on that one, at least. Thanks for the swatches!

  9. It truly is! I'm prepared to play with this one more :D

  10. It really was a let down. I'm sure it looks much better with layers of top coat over it - if you're prepared to do so!

  11. Totally is! Glad you like it too ^^

  12. Ooh, I hope so. Not that discounting the overly inflated prices will help all that much though.... :( But I guess it's still something!

  13. You should see it in's amazing *___* ♥

  14. I think many within the nail blogging community don't like the finish. I actually don't mind it too much but maybe I'm still in the minority for this one? :)

  15. No problem! I think I might try layering on the top coat for that one and see if it changes things around :)


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