Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gone Gonzo!

Hi everyone :) I recently received OPI's Gone Gonzo in the mail and went well...crazy haha. Only because it's a bottle of polish filled up with glorious, glorious glitter ♥

Shown is three coats of Gone Gonzo and there was still some visible nail line. I could have done with an additional coat but I really couldn't be bothered by then :P Each layer dried really quickly though, so that's definitely a plus!

gone gonzo1

gone gonzo2

gone gonzo3

It was a huge pain to remove though, I think I'll be layering it over a base colour next time cos I still love the polish ^^

What do you think of this pretty? :) Do you like glitter polishes?

Thanks for reading.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A rainbow creation

Hey everyone~ I'm actually posting three days in a row, what a feat! :P While my last pink notd did grow on me, I knew it was time for a change as soon as the weekend hit. I received some polishes from OPI's Muppets collection yesterday and couldn't wait to try them out. Rainbow connection was totally calling out my name and I just had to wear it :)

I applied two coats of Ulta3 black satin onto all my nails except the middle - it has two coats of Ulta3 gold rush fever. For my index and pinky, I applied two coats of Rainbow connection. For my thumb and fourth finger, I used a thin brush to apply the gold stripes (gold rush fever). I layered on a coat of Mode cosmetics Diamonte on my third finger (you can hardly see the glittler though, unfortunately) and then finished it off with a crackled look with OPI Black shatter.

rainbow & random1

rainbow & random2

rainbow & random3

I have to say that I'm a little disappointed with how sparse the glitter in Rainbow connection is. You won't get full nail coverage unless you plan on applying at least four coats. The glitter however, is beautiful and I'm really happy to finally own a true rainbow glitter polish! It does seem to be a dupe of the Milani and Essence glitter polishes but since I can't get my hands on them, the OPI will definitely suffice :)

What do you think of Rainbow connection? (I keep on typing rainbow concoction and then having to delete it >< Don't you think it's such a suitable name for it though? :P)

Thanks for reading!
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Friday, October 21, 2011

OPI Muppets Collection press release

Helloo everyone! It's Friday, Friday gotta get down...yeah okay, won't go there. But yay, it's Friday! I have a simple post today showing you a preview of the lovely Muppets collection by OPI.


It’s time to play the music
.. It’s time to light the lights
……………………….It’s time to meet the Muppets in the new Muppet
Movie tonight !

Hang onto your hats, as OPI embarks on a glittery show stopping range of lacquers in collaboration with The Muppets and their upcoming The Muppets movie.

The dazzling Muppets lacquer collection is not something to miss, featuring 6 bright sequined glittery lacquers, four metallic shades and 2 rich shades of burgundy red.

The partnership between The Muppets and OPI, both icon brands, is in their ability to be fun, creative, quirky and passionate.  The collection is an epic spray of colour, glitter and fantasy, in true Muppet style, OPI’s The Muppet Collection will not disappoint.

The love of the Muppets transcends to all ages and there are few people you will come across who do not have fond memories of Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the cohorts.  The Muppet characters will be back in cinemas on 5th January 2012 in Disney’s The Muppets. This movie features stars such as Jason Segal, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Jack Black, Amy Adams, and Neil Patrick Harris having to help Kermit and friends save their old movie studio for an oil tycoon.

So let the show begin;

Brighten up the stage in this bright metallic rosey red in Animal-istic. You can even hear Beaker cute sounds in Meep-Meep-Meep a rich metallic ruby red.

Fozzy the Bear step into the spotlight in Wocka Wocka! a rich burgundy red.  Whilst, Pepe the King Prawn works up an appetite in this rich dark burgundy brown Pepe’s Purple Passion.

Designer…de Better! a wonderful pale gold/silver metallic shade that looks like it is about to light-up.  Alternatively get all Warm & Fozzie is this heavenly metallic shade of chocolate.

Sing along to Kermit’s Rainbow Connection, a marvellously vibrant multi coloured glittery lacquer.  Don’t forget Miss Piggy, as she makes her entrance in Excuse Moi!, a dynamic glittery hot pink.

You won’t be forgetting Gonzo the Great in this glittery aqua blue lacquer, Gone Gonzo!  Kermit steps out in his true colours with the vibrant glittery green lacquers, Fresh Frog of Bel Air.

The collection would not be the same without the star of the show Miss Piggy doing what she does best in Divine Swine a purple with silver flecked glittery lacquer.  The last performance of the show is a vibrant glittery red with silver flecks not unlike Dorothy’s slippers in the Wizard of Oz, Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It!

The Muppets inspired Nail Lacquers by OPI contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for easy application. 

This limited-edition The Muppets collection will be available from November 2011 at selected salons and David Jones nationally, $19.95 RRP incl. GST.  For stockist please contact 1800 358 999 or visit

Which shades are you most looking forward to? I'm totally eyeing the first four glitters, they're just so prettyyyyyyy! ♥

Thanks for looking!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My address is Hollywood

Hi ladies! Yes, I'm back yet another week later :P I'm currently on prac and absolutely swamped with planning and planning and yes, more planning. This is actually my first night in a week since I've had a chance to paint my nails. Oh well, four days down, only eleven more to go!

Here I'm wearing two coats of OPI My address is Hollywood. If you know me, you know I don't do pink. However, since I'm in a school setting right now, pink is my safest bet if I want to polish my nails. And honestly, I was surprised by this nail polish. I didn't realise it, but there's actually a hidden shimmer in it. It's seriously hidden though, you have to stare at your nails to see it :P

my address is hollywood1

my address is hollywood2

my address is hollywood3

What do you think of this pink nail polish?

Thanks for dropping by!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Press Release: Aldo Nail Lacquers

Hi ladies~ I can't believe it's been one week since I've last posted - time flies when there's assignments to get done :P. I was recently contacted by Letisha who sent over some information about Aldo's new line of nail polish. Enjoy the information! Some of the polishes look particularly yummy <3

Nails without polish… like an outfit without shoes! 

While some search high and low for the perfect pair of shoes, shade of polish and right accessories they have to look no further than ALDO. Because at ALDO we know nothing beats that ‘Aha!’ moment when you look up at the mirror and everything just…works!

ALDO Australia is excited to announce the arrival of the ALDO nail lacquer.  Like our shoes ALDO Nail Lacquer is carefully curated to feature the hottest shades and trends of the season. With a range of always-classic nail colours and neon hues fresh off the catwalk to match this season’s accessories for a total fashion look. 

Made in the USA, the high quality ALDO Nail Lacquer colour pigments are perfectly calibrated in Germany and assembled in unbreakable bottles, with brushes and caps imported from Italy. The collection includes 9 unique shades, with all colours exclusive to ALDO.

Get lacquered at ALDO now for $9.95!
Chocolate Factory
Deep Barney
 Gold Digger
Little Mermaid
Rainy Day
Shy Rose
Stroke of Midnight
Type O
So, what do you think of these new polishes? I'm actually really interested in Little Mermaid, the shimmer looks really promising!

Thanks for reading :)

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A royal flakey

Hi everyone :) I think I've discovered the best flakey combination ever, honest! ♥ I keep staring and staring and staring at my nails - people must think I'm weird for admiring my hands (HA! so they think) so much :P

purple flakey1

I applied two coats of Chi Chi Hung up on to my nails before layering two coats of Nubar 2010 over it. SO. MUCH. LOVE. ♥♥♥ I really couldn't decide on which photos to show after taking millions of them, but at least I've narrowed it down to only five :P

The polish came out a little bluer than it really is, mainly because my camera spazzed and couldn't take the awesome that is this combo :) In real life, it's a redder purple shade and actually reminds me a bit of Nfu Oh #51, only not as jelly. Ok fine, they're not thaaat similar but I think this might satiate my lemming for #51!

purple flakey2

purple flakey3

purple flakey4

purple flakey5

It is indeed a royal layering, no? ^^ Hmm, I wonder what this looks like matte?

Thanks for looking!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Skittling the purple

Hi everyone! Boy, Uni life sure is hectic even during a break. I finally completed my second assignment for the break and guess what? I have a third one to do. Yipee! :( My life will be absolutely crazy until November 25th, which is when my last exam for the year is scheduled to be. So until then, what with assignments, prac and exams, I have no idea how often I will be painting my nails, let alone updating this blog.

Whining over, on to the nails :) I went for purple this time but I'm not sure I like what I did.

purple nail art skittle1

I applied two coats of Sportsgirl Baby elephant onto my index and fifth fingers. It is a greyed out purple with a lovely shimmer - beautiful! For my thumb and middle finger, I applied two coats of OPI Parlez-vous OPI?. Decorated my thumb by placing some 3D objects on it and using my Glossyblossom nail art striper in white for the white lines on my middle finger. Zoya Dannii was applied on my fourth finger and also used to dot the flower on my middle finger.

purple nail art skittle2

My friend gave me some of the flat 3D decorations to play with for my birthday. She knows me too well ;)

purple nail art skittle3

What do you think of this mani?

Thanks for looking ^^

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