Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Purple and green nail art mash post

Hi everyone! Yes, clearly I didn't know how to name this post either :P Another manicure I rather liked but I felt it may have had a little too many differences - should have split them up into two different looks haha. Anyway, here's what I put together :)

Pinky: two coats of Face of Australia Titanium
Ring: two coats of OPI Thanks a windmillion, stamped with m69 and accented with silver nail art polish
Middle: one coat of Rimmel Your majesty, then painted the braided design with Thanks a windmillion and Parlez-vous OPI?
Index: two coats of OPI Parlez-vous OPI? layered with Cult Nails Seduction
Thumb: two coats of Thanks a windmillion, then taped off and one thick coat of Parlez-vous OPI?. Hearts painted with a dotting tool and with Australis Blackmail and Titanium

purple&green nail art mash1

purple&green nail art mash2

purple&green nail art mash3

Close up of Seduction because it's that awesome ♥

purple&green nail art mash4

I think I may try the thumb design again some time soon. It felt like a bit too much with the manicure on the whole but I like it enough to give it another go. What do you think? :) Oh, please take the time to like Polish Infatuated on facebook too!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awww, thanks Amber! I love my skittle manis lots ♥ :D

  2. B-e-a-utiful manicure. I love that each nail is significantly different. It makes it even more enjoyable to look at.

  3. Thanks Samantha! :D Skittle manicures are my favourite ^^


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