Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nail art #4 - Mutated hearts

I thought I'd try my hand at some more nail art, this time making use of my newly bought dotting tools. To my dismay, I was not very coordinated and so ended up with many mutated looking hearts on my nails.

Polishes used:

Ulta3 - Spring Blossom
Maybelline - Dark chocolate

The heart on my fourth finger is from a polish I picked up from SaSa back in Hong Kong earlier this year. It's black with yellow shimmers throughout, a really pretty black polish ♥.
heart nails

Because my nails were so fail, I decided to show my left hand instead. I don't normally upload photos of my left hand due to the fact that my first finger's nail is a permanent nub. I can't grow it out because whenever I do, it always splits and ends up looking really demented, all because I jammed this finger into a car door when I was young. The nail has never been the same again :(.

Anyway. Like I said, the hearts look a bit weird. I'm hoping practice will help make them look more 'heart-like' next time...

Thanks for dropping by.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gradation nails

This design was a failed attempt at gradation nails :(. I started off with Sally Hansen's HD Pixel Pretty, then began to layer the TBN polish on top of it. TBN's Purple Rain is a sheer purple, but a very, very pretty shade ♥. I'm definitely going to wear it as a full mani in the future!

The gradation didn't turn out the way I expected; Purple Rain's layers were really apparent even after a topcoat. Thus glitter was applied to 'hide' the blatantly obvious layers. I'm still not really loving my nails though :(.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ulta3 - Wildberry

Phew, it's finally Friday! I've been rushing to finish an essay this past week, hence the lack of posts, but it's finally  the weekend and I can slow down now :). Despite not posting, I did manage to find some time to do my nails! Ladies, behold Ulta3's Wildberry.

I don't think my camera was able to capture this beauty clearly, the polish is in fact is a very dark shade of purple. So dark that under certain lighting, it looks a lovely shade of grey. The confusing thing is, I've worn this polish once before, but I'm absolutely certain that it was a dark grey colour then. No matter the lighting, it never showed up as purple. Strange, eh? Anyway, the glitter on my fourth finger is TBN's Glitter, layered on since I thought the polish looked a bit boring by itself on my nails. And since I didn't have time to do anything fancy about it (oh essay! :(), glitter it was. Glitter seems to have made Wildberry look even more purple, although I'm positive it had a clear base. It must be a strange polish week for me.

I'm actually really into greys right now and I'm just wondering if anyone can suggest me any polishes? I'm thinking more of light grey cremes, but any greys will probably fulfil my current lemming :D.

Digressing a little, I also received a few visits from the postman this week! I had previously ordered some nail accessories off ebay, and some have finally arrived!
nail art

Before ordering the dotting tools, I had used toothpicks to do the dotting. I found that my nails turned out really messy; perhaps I didn't get the hang of using the toothpicks. I'm hoping that the dotting tools will help my nails look neater and I'm really looking forward to using the fruit fimo!

Thanks for dropping by.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Tag + an [e]haul

Thanks to Katrina from Katrina's nail blog and karebearr from Addicted to nail polish for tagging me :).
The Rules

1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

10 Things I Like

- Nail polish! Classic, cliché answer, but it's the truth :)
- Kids :D. I'm currently studing for a BEd so of course I adore them ♥

- Kpop. Korean pop has been a part of my life for 2 years now and I'm still loving it lots!
- Fobby clothes, hehe. I love going to YesStyle and looking at all the amazing clothes they have. I just wish I had more money!
- The nail thread on soompi haha. My love for nail polish has deepened when I stumbled across it.
- Hong Kong ♥♥♥. I don't go back often, but I love, love, love it so much. I came to Australia when I was really little and I miss my home country really bad sometimes.
- Family ♥ Where would I be without them to nag and torture? :P
- Holidays~!
- HK dramas :). I grew up with both parents watching TVB dramas and I will never get sick of them (although the quality of some of their recent work has been very...*ahem* :()
- Procrastinating, haha. It's not exactly good since I have so much uni work, but studying life wouldn't be studying life without a little procrastination :P

My Tags
- 'chelle
- Bibba
- Lacquer War for Tips and Toes
- Tara
- necessarynails
- Juicy-nails
- Freshie

+ anyone else who hasn't done this!

I just finished ordering some polishes on transdesign! It's rather exciting for me since it's my first time (fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly), but most of all, I bought myself my first first OPI polishes! :D I'll definitely be posting pictures if when I get my package, but for now, I'm still floating in the post-high of ordering lol.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nail art #3 - Plaid nails

My attempt at plaid nails was semi successful :).
plaid nails

Polishes used:
Base - CG's Light as air
Green - CG's Re-Freshmint
White stripes - Glossyblossom's White

I'm quite pleased with the result in that the colours came out really well. I was doubtful at first with using Re-Freshmint over Light as air, but after I applied the white stripes, the colours came together really well. This was a rather messy application, but I'm hoping to try it again once my new brushes arrive! :) Oh, the lone nail on the bottom corner is my left fourth finger. This nail came out the best, but I can't say the same for the rest of the nails..hehe.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nail art #2 - Space inspired nails

Initially, I had intended to do a space-y sort of nail art. Except it kind of didn't work out the way I had wanted and so this is just simply 'space inspired gone wrong'.

Polishes used:
Black - Maybelline Dark Chocolate
Silver - Eclipse no.527
Glitter - mwah Magnetic
Hearts - Jordana Lilac Hearts

The glitter seemed a bit lonely on the black, so I decided to add some hearts to it. Error alert. Since when were there hearts floating around in space? :/ It did make the nail less boring, but the damage was done. I must invest in some star nail stickers.

Perhaps I should paint gold glitter onto my fourth finger instead next time.

I'm not terribly proud of my work, but eh. Lots of Uni work to catch up on now :(.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

China Glaze 2NITE

I am in lurveeeee *____*. I've read so many amazing reviews of CG's OMG collection, but I never expected to be so blown away by it. It's such a nice and sunny day today that I decided to pull out CG's 2NITE to see how it looked. Absolutely gobsmacked. My jaw dropped. Because how fantastic is this holo polish?!

Under the sun:


This was two coats of 2NITE, no topcoat. I love this shade of blue, light and dusty, with a tinge of purple. I've been on a mission to find a flattering shade of blue for my skin tone, and I do think I've finally found it.

Indoors, without flash:

And once again, under the sun to show off its holo-ness.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sportsgirl - Galaxy

OMGOMGOMG. This polish is so much love. Despite the fact that I was wrong about it being a purply-vampy colour, I was blown away still. I mean, how can anyone resist red glitter (and smooth too!!!) in black jelly?! I sure can't anyway.

Photo blurred to show the awesome red glitter!

Galaxy blurred

For some reason, most of the photos I took showed the black to be purple o__o. And the red glitter showed up as multi-coloured flecks. I'm sad I couldn't have uploaded more photos to share the awesome goodness. Oh, and when I tried to put a topcoat over it, the polish sort of clouded over, if you get my drift? So the above photos show three coats on Galaxy, and four layers of polish if you include the fail topcoat. I think I may go and place some clear polish over the top just to be safe, I'm loving Galaxy this much I don't see myself taking it off any time soon.

Sportsgirl is a brand I'm beginning to really like for nail polish; I currently own only two bottles haha. It's retail prices are a bit heavy though considering it's not really a high-end brand; they're sold for $7.95 each. Seeing as I can get China Glaze and Orly polishes for less than that, it makes me a bit unwilling to fork out money the full price. Which is exactly why I love sales :D.

For the Aussie polishers who are trying desperately to find a matte topcoat, search no longer. Sportsgirl's new range of nail polishes include a matte topcoat :). I haven't tried it yet so anyone does end up buying it, I'd love to hear your reviews!

Thanks for dropping by~^^

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Natural spring

Yay, I've finally done my nails again :D. It's been a disappointing week though. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that my right thumb had a tear on the left side; and to make matters worse, it was towards the middle of my nail :(. After a week of carefully wrapping it in bandaides to avoid it being caught on anything, I finally gave up on waiting for it to grow out and filed my thumbnail down. They're currenly nubs, and at a rather peculiar shape too. *sigh*

Anyway, after almost a week of bare nails (I wanted to let them 'breathe' after three weeks worth of polishing) I could resist no longer and pulled out a pastel pink polish for my manicure. Unfortunately, this pink was the sheerest nail polish ever. Even after two thick coats and one thin coat, I still had VNL. In an attempt to cover it up, I pulled out my new silver glitter from Jay Jays called Magnetic and applied a glitter gradient.
natural spring

(I do apologise for the lobster fingers, unfortunately this was the only photo which showed the polish shade the truest. )

I think after this I understand why I tend to stay away from pink polishes. I'm in no way a pink hater, in fact, I own many things which are pink, ranging from my clothes (lots of them!) to my wallet lol. Pink polishes just look horrible on me. Maybe I should just stick to my purples (love love LOVE ♥) and darker shades. Maybe...

Thanks for dropping by :).

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A mini haul

I had initially promised myself to go on a polish ban, but that obviously failed. I just couldn't resist the sales :P. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go out for a movie today...nahh XD.

With flash:
mini haul flash

Without flash:
mini haul

Top row: Sportsgirl's Galaxy
Bottom row: mwah's Mood, Devilish, Magnetic, Thrillseeker.

All Australian brands :). I'm most excited about Galaxy actually, because looking from the bottle, the shade seems almost like a vampy purple polish. It's high up on my list of 'potentials' for my next manicure! :D

Thanks for dropping by ^^.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Nail art #1 - Skittling with a twist

Initially, I had thought to simply go with a skittle manicure this time, but after surfing the net for some inspiration, I changed my design to this.

From pinky to thumb:

Ulta3 Spring Blossom, Ulta3 Spring Fling, China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, Ulta3 Spring Shower, China Glaze Light as Air. The white dots are Ulta3 Lily White and the glittery silver stripe is Eclipse no.527.

Ulta3 is an Australian drugstore brand, they're easily the cheapest nail polish brand I've come across in Australia. Eclipse is a Korean polish brand, which I found in a Korean shop - Morning Glory.

I'm rather proud of the outcome this time, I love how the colours all come together so well :).

Thanks for dropping by!

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