Monday, May 30, 2011

May haul

Hi everyone~ Yes, this is finally another haul post! I really haven't been feeling the nail polish collections since China Glaze's Anchors Away collection which I hauled waaay back in February. However, a few weeks ago I found a seller on ebay who sells Zoya polishes at a pretty reasonable cost and combined with cheap shipping costs, who can pass on that? :)

I also found Essence polishes being sold in Target awhile ago and couldn't resist getting Choose me hehe.
Zoya Dannii, Faye, Ivanka, Gemma, Mimi
may haul

Viva la nails also offered some full nail water decals for bloggers to review. I received the following sample pack~ I'll have a review of one of the decals up soon! :D
water decals nail wraps1

water decals nail wraps2

What do you think of the recent nail polish collections? Anything I missed and should be looking out for? :)

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up

Hello~I'm sleepy and drowning in assignments :(. But anyway, onto the nail blogs.
Stacie was inspired by Prada S/S 2011

Lena is having a clear out – fancy grabbing a bargain?

The Nail Addict created this juicy water marble design

I had fun with smashing my rainbow

Grace was inspired by Lagerfeld to create this design

Nic was absolutely besotted with Absolutely Alice

Jen let her sunny disposition show with her new Zoya

Theresa explains exactly what Shellac and Gelish semi-permanent polishes are

Ling Ling tried a cool tie-dye manicure

Avast me hearties! Claire tried out OPI pirates’ collection and the wicked silver shatter

Ari use pastels for a cute nail art manicure


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Friday, May 27, 2011

Alluring courage

Hi~ :) I'm lame and decided to combine the two polish names to create my post title. Hopefully my mani sort of redeems this post :P. I was in one of those 'I dunno what to wear but want to polish my nails' mood and so opted to go with a shade which I have the most number of polishes - purple. Actually, I've never counted but I'm assuming I have more purple than any other shade since I'm a purple lover. Maybe that's something I can do next time I'm bored...hehe :P.

So anyway. Below I have two coats of Ulta3 Allure on my nails and China Glaze C-c-courage on my thumb and fourth finger. C-c-courage was the very first China Glaze polish I ever wore and it also made its debut in my first and second posts of this blog :).
alluring courage1

I applied a nail sticker which I received from Born Pretty Store and added a rhinestone and pearl to my middle finger. I quite like how this mani turned out, despite having no idea what to do in the first place!
alluring courage2

What do you think of the mani? And more importantly, are you a purple lover? :D

A product featured in this post was provided for review. For more information, please view my Disclosure Policy.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The one that got away

Hi everyone~ Gee, this is late for me! I don't usually post at 12am in the morning but I'm procrastinating and don't want to go to bed. Lol, how bad is that? .__.

I have a lovely polish to share in this post though. OPI The one that got away is a part of their recent Katy Perry collection. While I'm not a fan of the singer, I do have to say that I'm loving all the polishes from this collection. Amazing! Shown below is two coats of The one that got away. I'm really happy with this polish, it dried so quickly and was really opaque! As you all probably know by now, I'm not a huge fan of red polishes because I feel they draw too much attention to my hand. But wow, this one is a beauty. I just wish the gold flecks could have transferred better on to the nail.
the one that got away1

the one that got away2

Here in the macro you can see the almost hidden duochrome from red to purple. I couldn't stop holding my hand in different angles to look at the duochrome :P
the one that got away3

And a bottle pic because it looks so pretty.
the one that got away4


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Monday, May 23, 2011

A shattered rainbow

Hi~ :D I'm pretty happy with the way this mani turned out although it did wrinkle on me a bit. I was in the mood for a new mani and couldn't decide on a colour so I decided to combine them :). And of course I had to reach for my Black shatter to spice things up. I tried applying it with various strokes to make it crack differently and I love how it turned out! I freehanded the heart on my middle finger, that's why it looks a little lopsided. Overall though, I'm quite pleased with how the mani turned out.
rainbow crackle1

Polishes used:
Ulta3 lily white for the base colour, spring blossom, black satin
Orly Fiesta
Essie Turquoise & Caicos
China Glaze First mate
OPI Black shatter
rainbow crackle2

After layering with Black shatter I did find First mate to be a little too dark. Oh well, there's always next time :P.


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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up

Apologies for the delay in posting this!
Jen created a gorgeous gradient manicure

Claire’s tutorial shows the simple way to do a half moon manicure

Nic celebrated finishing the school year with some swatches

I showed you my adventures in drag marbling

Grace had some fun with glitter to great effect

Ladyluck took a break from her nails this week and created an eye look

Theresa has a gorgeous nail design

And finally introducing Erin to the blog world


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Friday, May 20, 2011

OPI & Nubar mani

Hi everyone~ Woahhh my prac is over now! Time to relax and enjoy life again...not :(. I come back to three assignments all due by next Friday, how awesome is my uni?

Anyway. Today I ditched my work appropriate colours and reached for my dark, vampy purple - OPI Siberian nights. I love this deep rich plum shade which can only be viewed in its fullest glory under direct sunlight. Looks even more beautiful with Nuber 2010 layered over it :). For my accent nail I applied two coats of OPI Meet me on the star ferry.

I took a lot of photos and couldn't decide which one to use so I'll just spam this post lightly with pics :P
opi + nubar mani

opi + nubar mani2

In the sun, to show off the glorious plum shade.
opi + nubar mani3

And once more, indoors under natural light to see the flakies better.
opi + nubar mani4

opi + nubar mani5


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drag marbling take two!

Helloooo :D I'm extremely happy since my prac is almost over, although at the same time I'm going to miss the kids like crazy :(. Anyway, here's a drag marbling I did around a week ago when the kids went out on an excursion. I was seriously going crazy from only wearing work appropriate polishes :P.

This is two coats of Essie Sew psyched, I used Ulta3 black satin to do the marbling. I love how the black gives the mani a 'smoky' look to it :).
drag marbling1

drag marbling2

And my favourite nails: left pinky, fourth finger and thumb + right index finger.
drag marbling3


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple but pretty

Hello~ This nail art design has been done and shown before on my blog, but it's so simple and pretty that I can't help but use it again :). As you can see, I'm still very into layering haha. Sorry, I'm not feeling talkative today. I'll let the photos do the work then :P.

Glossyblossom nail art striper in white
China Glaze Light as air, White cap
L.A Colors Starlight
Ulta3 spring shower
OPI Last Friday night


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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Nail Blog Round Up

This week's blog round up is slightly delayed due to blogger having issues and me being busy. Sorry!

The Nail Addict created a gorgeous water marble design

Jen celebrated pink Wednesday in style

Emily must be looking forward to carnival

Grace went wild

Theresa reversed the French in black and silver

Stacie painted her nails to match her dotty 50’s dress

Claire used Fimo clay flowers

I'm having a great giveaway

Lady Luck wore her hearts on her nails

AJ used her BM plates to create a cool herringbone pattern

Shella was inspired by a Japanese nail art design

LingLing is having a great competition

And finally introducing Ari she is new to blogging

If you would like to be involved in future round ups, please contact Stacie at


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