Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blue, glitter and black mish mash

Hello hello :) Yes, I totally didn't know how to name this post - the manicure really is rather random. Random, but nice. I really enjoyed wearing it! ♥ And may I add, the saran wrap I did was my favourite. I need to do an entire manicure with the same colour combination soon, the denim look is awesome :D

Pinky: two coats of Cult Nails Princess
Ring: two coats of Princess, then saran wrapped with China Glaze First mate
Middle: two coats of Australis Blackmail. I then taped off my nail and layered Color Club Magic attraction at the base and added the 2mm stud from Born Pretty Store as an accent
Index: three coats of Magic attraction
Thumb: two coats of Princess, stamped with fauxnad m69

blue, glitter and black mish mash1

blue, glitter and black mish mash2

Some sunny photos to show Magic attraction sparkling :)

blue, glitter and black mish mash3

blue, glitter and black mish mash4

Yep, loving this manicure lots! ;) Please take a second to like Polish Infatuated on facebook too! ^^

Thanks for reading.


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