Saturday, January 12, 2013

Green jewelled nails :)

Hello everyone! I've been in a real 3D nail art kick recently so these products from Born Pretty Store couldn't have arrived sooner! I started with two coats of OPI Thanks a windmillion on my pinky, middle and index fingers. I then layered on Ozotic 905 over my index and pinky fingers. For my middle finger, I took rhinestones, bullion beads and glequins to create the look. I didn't realise I had lost a bullion bead when I went to bed until I uploaded the photos, oopsie :P

For my ring finger and thumb, I have two coats of Ulta3 black satin, then applied glequins for a famed nail art look and necklace for the respective nails :)

green jewelled nails1

green jewelled nails2

green jewelled nails3

I absolutely adore this look, all the 3D nail art styles are calling me at the moment! :D

green jewelled nails4

green jewelled nails5

For this manicure look, I used elliptic shaped rhinestones and glequins, as well as some bullion beads and rhinestones. In fact, all the 3D accessories are from Born Pretty Store...says something about the easy access of this online retailer! They also offer free shipping and with my 10% discount code PIJ61, you can't find a better and cheaper deal than this :)

What do you think, is the 3D look growing on you too? ;)

Thanks for reading!
Some products were provided for consideration.


  1. This is one of the best 3D manicures I've ever seen! I love the ring finger and thumb designs

  2. Gorgeous, I love how this is refined and not OTT like most 3D designs!

  3. Beautiful!! Just big enough!

  4. Awwww, thanks Helena! I'm blushing so hard! :)

  5. Thanks Michelle!:) I've always liked the 3D nail art looks but like you said, they tend to be OTT so I'll just save them for accent nails :)

  6. Thank you Eva! I'm glad you like it ^^


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