Monday, January 28, 2013

Swatches and review: China Glaze Glitz 'n Pieces collection

Hey everyone! China Glaze's Glitz 'n Pieces collection consists of 6 bottles of jam packed glitter concoctions. I'm going to start off by saying this instead of repeating myself over and over again below - each bottle basically consists of a coloured medium hex and finer glitter, mixed in with black bar, larger hex, medium hex and finer glitters. When I first heard of this, it occurred to me it wasn't the most innovative idea but after swatching the polishes on my nails, I love each and every one of the bottles from the collection.

china glaze glitz n pieces

Formula wise, each bottle is jam packed with glitter so the pay off is absolutely amazing. There is no need to fish for glitter pieces and in fact, each nail has a unique look depending on what glitter piece makes its way onto it! All my swatches will show one coat over a base colour.

First up, I have the namesake of the collection - Glitz n pieces. It consists of silver glitter particles combined with the black mixture. For my swatch, I layered it over Rimmel Grey matter. Because of how versatile the glitter colours are, this is one I'll be reaching for often!

glitz n pieces1

glitz n pieces2

Scattered and tattered contains a red and black mixture. It is layered over a white base below. I wasn't sure of what to layer Scattered and tattered over first because of the red - I thought pink would tone down the more dramatic red glitter effect so I decided to go with white in the end. Love it so much! ♥

scattered and tattered1

scattered and tattered2

Graffiti glitter, oh how I adore thee! I layered one coat over OPI Thanks a windmillion. The brighter, emerald green glitter just stands out so well over the dustier base colour!

graffiti glitter1

graffiti glitter2

Razzle me dazzle - do you contain a pale pink or the palest of copper hex glitter shades? I do believe it look like the latter when layered over OPI Did you 'ear about Van Gough. This polish is a funny one in terms of colour combinations and it's not one I would normally pick up, but it looks so pretty on the nail!

razzle me dazzle1

razzle me dazzle2

Mosaic madness contains bright blue glitter pieces along with the standard black glitters. Whilst I lean heavily towards blue polishes, this one didn't stand out to me as much.

mosaic madness1

mosaic madness2

Bling it on is a blurple and black glitter mixture. Over Australis Peek-a-boo, the blue side stands out more but in the bottle, there is more of a purple tinge (not that my camera helps with showing that!).

bling it on1

bling it on2

I love that the major nail polish companies are dipping their fingers further into the glitter bandwagon and are coming up with more interesting combinations. It's funny how I'm not usually a bar glitter fan, but love the effect it has in these nail polishes - maybe it just has to be in moderation :)

Are there any you know you'll be needing to get from the Glitz 'n Pieces collection? :)

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  1. These polishes remind me of splatter paint. What's your fave nail polish remover to remove glittery polishes?

  2. Im loving this collection. Huge fan of glitter polishes esp interesting ones like these:)

  3. I really feel that I don't want any of these! Sorry :(

  4. I like The first one, but I am not a fan of bar glitters at all, so I dont think I will be gettting any of these.

  5. Very beautiful colour combinations! Mosaic Madness is the one that I like most....yet those bar glitters...I don't know. I wish there would be more glitter variation in this collection!!!

  6. I have recently started using my own pure acetone and glycerine mixture and I have to say, removing glitter is so much easier! The glycerine helps keep my nails from becoming too dried out from the acetone so if you can, go and create your own too! Or you can pick up Zoya Remove, but that's the expensive version :)

  7. Thanks Sara, I love it a lot too!

  8. I'm sure your wallet will thank you for that, at least :) We can't all love every collection anyway :P

  9. I don't usually like bar glitter either, but there's just something about the mixture of glitter pieces which makes it so fitting in all the polishes! No worries, you can save money and spend it elsewhere (on another bottle of nail polish, perhaps? :P)

  10. Thank you so much! I was quite proud of my combinations :P More glitter variation would definitely have been nice but I do quite like how it's only a subtle change too :)


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