Thursday, January 8, 2015

A rainbow gradient

Hey everyone.

I've always wanted to try out the vertical gradient look, but could never seem to get the colours to blend well. It finally worked for me this time though, and I'm really happy with the result!

rainbow gradient

This was actually done awhile back, so I can't remember all the nail polishes I used. I'll give it a shot though:

Pink - Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Pinky promise
Purple - I really have no clue with this one because I own too many purples in this shade!
Blue - Sally Hansen Miracle Gel B Girl
Green - Ulta3 Corsican rose
Yellow - Ulta3 Spring blossom

All topped with Glitter Gal Galaxy holo top coat.

rainbow gradient

rainbow gradient

rainbow gradient

Have you tried the vertical gradient before?

Thanks for reading!


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