Thursday, January 24, 2013

Golden circles

Hello everyone! Here is a simple stamped manicure I wore awhile ago. I am finding that full time work results in lesser and lesser time to dedicate towards freehand nail art so stamping plates are becoming rather useful for people like me who lack time, but still want something more than just plain nail polish on their tips! :) I started with two coats of OPI Eurso Euro and then stamped with Ulta3 gold rush fever and BM-322.

blue and golden circles1

blue and golden circles2

blue and golden circles3

Mmm, stamping provides such easy nail art alternatives :) Do you like to stamp? Why or why not?

Thanks for reading!


  1. im just getting into stamping and enjoying it. you take awesome pictures. Everyday your blogposts drop into my email inbox and every day I read them in awe!

  2. Pretty! I just started stamping, and I love it. Leaves you with so many alternatives and ways to be creative

  3. This is possibly the sweetest comment I have ever received! *blushing so hard* Thank you Jo and I'm glad you enjoy reading my posts! Feel free to share your creations any time by emailing me or posting on my facebook page :)

  4. I totally agree! I keep feeling the need to buy more plates but then I see how many designs I have yet to try using with my current ones... ;)


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