Thursday, June 14, 2012

Swatches & review: Glitter Gal Hidden Violets

Hi ladies~ I recently received a beautiful duochrome polish in the mail by none other than Aussie brand Glitter Gal! Hidden violets is part of the new 'Soft' Shade Shifters range and features a glorious purple-blue duochrome effect. Check out my mini photo spam and be ready to fall in love ;)

I layered just one coat of Hidden violets over a black shade in order for the duochrome to really pop! My photos don't show any top coat and it is still soooo shiny <3

hidden violet soft1

hidden violet soft2

hidden violet soft3

hidden violet soft4

hidden violet soft5

hidden violet soft6

You may have heard of Glitter Gal and the beautiful holographic polishes they have in their range before. This brand has recently expanded their range, providing not only Shade Shifter like the above example, but also Transition and Opal Effect ranges. Here is a little information about the brand:
Both Anna and myself (Kerry) have been friends for many years and partnered together to create Glitter Gal Australia. With my experience as a makeup artist and Anna’s background in creating/suppling “private label” products to other Australian companies we have designed “Glitter Gal Australia” a great makeup and nail polish range. Our products are safe, truly unique and premium.
And some more information about the Shade Shifter range:
Glitter Gal’s shade shifters are similar to those you see on wings of exotic beetles - they transition from one shade to another when viewed from different angles. There are 2 distinct finishes available for our Shade Shifter range -“Brilliant”- very bright glitter effect showing slightly larger particles; and “Soft” - more smooth polished look with finer particles. No top coat is required. Ingredients are “big 5 free” - this means they do not contain - Formaldehyde free, DPB free, Toluene free, Formaldehyde Resin or Camphor free
Hidden violets retails for $17.95 and can be purchased from Glitter Gal's online store. Alternatively, you can check out their store locator and find a stockist near you :)

Are you a massive fan of duochrome nail polishes? I'm beginning to feel I can't get enough of them ;)

Thanks for reading!
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  1. i like how ti looks a little chromish so pretty!

  2. Love it over black!

  3. This looks amazing! Love Glitter Gal polishes, too bad they are small bottles though

  4. Wow! That looks fantastic :D

  5. Such a beautiful polish :)

  6. It's such a beauty to behold! :D

  7. Thanks Miss L :) I think layering it over black makes it pop more! :D

  8. Ohhh, this one is the larger 15mL one! You won't believe how huge this one looks against the old ones :P I should probably do a comparison bottle shot haha.

  9. Thanks Claire! It's much better in real life, trust me :D

  10. A beauty to behold! :D ♥

  11. You have to appreciate it more in person :P But yes, very pretty <33

  12. I'll definitely be looking for this polish.  I love purple and this really does look violet!

  13. Glad you like it! And yay, another purple lover =D

  14. Ooo pretty!

  15. It's a beauty to behold :D

  16. Thanks for your fantastic pics! Glitter Gal Australia - Kerry and Anna xoxoxo

  17. Thanks Kerry :) The polish is just so beautiful!


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