Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Born Pretty Store fimo canes

Hello everyone! I swear, these are the most beautiful fimo canes I've had the pleasure of trying out. Born Pretty Store offers a variety of nail art products and today I will be showing you some fimo canes. I'm sure you've all heard of these before, and probably seen the sliced fruit fimos around the most. The sliced fimo pieces originally come from a cane piece, and Born Pretty Store sells a set of 100 (!!!) assorted canes along with two empty containers to hold your freshly sliced fimo pieces in, as well as a box of ten cutters and a glue. You can find this from the online store under the name of 100 pcs Cane Nail Art Fimo Fruit Shaped Stick w/ Cutter.

fimo canes1

fimo canes2

fimo canes3

Here are some of the canes I sliced up - I have around 6-8 pieces in each tray and I've barely made a dent on the cane! Of course, this comes down to how thinly you slice the pieces (personal preference) as well as how many mistakes you make :P

fimo canes4

fimo canes5

With so many choices to choose from, I did feel a little overwhelmed. I decided to play safe and start with some fruit fimo for a nail art idea. For my index and pinky nails, I applied two coats of Sportsgirl Baby elephant before layering a coat of China Glaze White cap over it. I applied two coats of China Glaze IDK onto my thumb and fourth finger. On my middle finger, I applied two coats of OPI Passion to hide my stained nails :P Then I sponged on Baby elephant at the tips and applied a coat of LA Colors Sparkling diamonds. Lastly, I added the fruit fimos, rhinestone and pearl.

fimo nail art1

Having previously used fimo pieces only once before this, I encountered a curling problem from the pieces. Learning from that experience, I made sure to press my pieces down with a dotting tool occasionally after I had applied my final topcoat to ensure it stuck fast on the edges. (You probably won't have to do this much if your topcoat is fast drying though) The fimo pieces held on really well for the entire time I had this mani. It took a bit of scrubbing to get off once I decided to remove it! :P

fimo nail art2

Considering pre-sliced fimo pieces may cost you around $3 (since the last I checked on ebay), this set really is a bargain. You get 100 designs to choose from and you get sooooo much more than the 120 pieces you'll get from pre-sliced options. I found the slicing part really fun once I got the hang of it too - is it weird that I find it soothing? :P If you're still hesitating, Born Pretty Store offers free international shipping, no matter how much you buy and plus, you can use my 10% discount code PIJ61. Just enter it into the corresponding box when you check out!

Ladies, have you tried fimo nail art before? Do share your experiences please :D

Thanks for reading.
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  1. I'm a bit jealous, next time I have a pay day I think I might get some!

  2. great review

  3. I haven't tried fimo yet, I feel like I would pick them off within a day of applying them. But I have always thought they look super cute!

  4. Oh do, they're so worth it! And of course, really fun to play with too :D

  5. Thanks Jessica!

  6. Haha, that is rather tempting. I just keep running my fingers over it :P They look super adorable and add something extra to your mani though :)

  7. Indeed! :D Enough to last me a lifetime haha.

  8. So cute! I love the little animal faces :-) 

  9. They really are! :D

  10. Thank you, Catherine! :)


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