Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Born Pretty Store acrylic paint

Hey everyone! I'm super excited to show you all my nails today because they're pretty awesome (if I do say so myself :P)! This was my first time using acrylic paint in nail art and I'm certain I'll be using it more since it makes nail art so much easier. No more excess nail polish fumes and too fast drying time :P But let me rewind and start from the beginning.

I was offered the chance to review an acrylic paint set sold by Born Pretty Store. As most of you know already, this etailer sells an abundance of nail art supplies, all of which can be found here. Having never used acrylic paint for nail art before, I took the opportunity as the paint allowed  me to take my time with my amateur nail art skills :P

Check out my awesome tropical sunset nails :D They were inspired by this image.

tropical nail art1

Pinky & index: One coat of OPI My address is Hollywood sponged with OPI Call me Gwen-ever.
Fourth finger & thumb: One coat of OPI Parlez-vous OPI? sponged with My address is Hollywood and Call me Gwen-ever.
Middle finger: One coat of Parlez-vous OPI sponged with My address is Hollywood.

tropical nail art2

I then took the black acrylic paint to paint the palm tree, island and birds. Mixing up a yellow and golden yellow, I painted the sun.

tropical nail art3

I used the largest palette to hold the paint and the smaller bits to hold water - no need to get another cup to clean up my brushes ;) The largest brush size 0 was used for the tree, island and sun, and the smallest for the bird outlines. The acrylic paint set I was sent had a bottle of nail hardener instead of a second palette due to it being out of stock. I really like this little gesture as it shows how much Born Pretty Store treasures their customers.

acrylic paint set1

acrylic paint set2

I enjoyed the process of nail art more than if I were using nail polish, mostly because there was no excess fumes for me to inhale. The acrylic paints which I used so far were fairly opaque. I really like this set and can't wait to play around with it more!

Born Pretty Store offers free international shipping no matter how much you order. Plus, with my 10% discount code PIJ61, you're bound to find many bargains :)

**Note that I do not get compensated in any way if you use the code - in fact, if it is used 10 times, Born Pretty Store will sponsor a giveaway**

As anyone tried acrylic paints for nail art before? What were your experiences?

Thanks for reading!
Products provided for consideration.


  1. Very nice nails! I haven't tried acrylic paint yet but the biggest complaint of my friends/family about my nail polish/art habit is the fumes. I should give this a try! I love born pretty so much, Im always impressed with their product and customer service. Ill definitely it order from them.

  2. That's really cute! I love using acrylic paint, it's so much easier to handle than polish (I don't really mind the fumes, though). The layers are thinner and dry so very quickly, so even when you do need a few coats to get the paint opaque you won't end up with bumps and ridges. And I like knowing that if I mess up completely I can simply toddle off to the sink and wash the acrylic paint off without completely removing the base colour or just get a damp cotton bud or brush to clean up edges.
    I highly recommend picking up a hot pink (obviously unmixable) and possibly a medium purple and teal (not impossible to mix, but a pain with a basic kit) if those are colours you may want to use.

  3. I'm a big fan of acrylic paint, It's much easier to work with.

    Your nails look fab!

  4. Thanks Caitlin! I get complaints all the time too, so the acrylic paint definitely helps! :P

  5. I loveeeeeeee the whole washing away with water, how handy is it! :D I'm definitely on the look out to expand my colours, did you say hot pink? Mmm, I can totally use that in various nail art designs ;)

  6. Thank you Katie! They really are much easier to use :P


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