Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nail art #16 - A sailor went to sea sea sea

In an attempt to reflect the sunny and warm days we had a couple of days ago, I tried my hand at some nautical themed nail art. I can't say I did  brilliantly though. Don't you just hate it when a beautifully planned out design in your head just doesn't translate onto your nails?

I applied two coats Savvy by DB's Cobalt and used Glossyblossom's nail art striper in White for the nail art. I made use of my rhinestones to form an anchor shape on my fourth finger and topped everything off with my Poshe top coat. I can't believe it streaked my stripes on my fifth finger! Oh Poshe :(.

I was alright with my result at first, but after looking at it the next morning, I began to dislike it. I don't even know why. -sigh- I really need to stop with the fail art and produce better nail art.

Thanks for dropping by.


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