Monday, October 4, 2010

Ulta3 - Envy

Even though it's been raining a fair bit since Saturday, the sun did manage to peep out from behind the clouds quite a number of times today. Thus my hand reached immediately for Ulta3's Envy. Envy has a fantastic foil finish which I'm totally in love with. It's a really light champagne shade and under dimmer lighting can be mistaken as a silver. I love this polish a lot, it's just fabulous :).

You can't see the polish in it's fullest glory only because the sun wasn't cooperating when I was trying to take photos. Shown above is two coats and a top coat; application was a breeze too, like most other Ulta3 polishes. For only $2 a bottle, you really can't ask for much more, especially when nail polishes are really expensive over here. Ulta3s are the cheapest nail polishes I've ever come across at retail price but I won't say no to more!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Where do you buy ulta3? I love this color!

  2. I buy Ulta3s from my local chemist; I think they're only available in Australia currently :(. It should totally be available internationally, it's so awesome and cheap!

  3. Where do you buy ulta3? I love this color!


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