Friday, August 27, 2010

Ulta3 - Wildberry

Phew, it's finally Friday! I've been rushing to finish an essay this past week, hence the lack of posts, but it's finally  the weekend and I can slow down now :). Despite not posting, I did manage to find some time to do my nails! Ladies, behold Ulta3's Wildberry.

I don't think my camera was able to capture this beauty clearly, the polish is in fact is a very dark shade of purple. So dark that under certain lighting, it looks a lovely shade of grey. The confusing thing is, I've worn this polish once before, but I'm absolutely certain that it was a dark grey colour then. No matter the lighting, it never showed up as purple. Strange, eh? Anyway, the glitter on my fourth finger is TBN's Glitter, layered on since I thought the polish looked a bit boring by itself on my nails. And since I didn't have time to do anything fancy about it (oh essay! :(), glitter it was. Glitter seems to have made Wildberry look even more purple, although I'm positive it had a clear base. It must be a strange polish week for me.

I'm actually really into greys right now and I'm just wondering if anyone can suggest me any polishes? I'm thinking more of light grey cremes, but any greys will probably fulfil my current lemming :D.

Digressing a little, I also received a few visits from the postman this week! I had previously ordered some nail accessories off ebay, and some have finally arrived!
nail art

Before ordering the dotting tools, I had used toothpicks to do the dotting. I found that my nails turned out really messy; perhaps I didn't get the hang of using the toothpicks. I'm hoping that the dotting tools will help my nails look neater and I'm really looking forward to using the fruit fimo!

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