Monday, August 9, 2010

Natural spring

Yay, I've finally done my nails again :D. It's been a disappointing week though. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that my right thumb had a tear on the left side; and to make matters worse, it was towards the middle of my nail :(. After a week of carefully wrapping it in bandaides to avoid it being caught on anything, I finally gave up on waiting for it to grow out and filed my thumbnail down. They're currenly nubs, and at a rather peculiar shape too. *sigh*

Anyway, after almost a week of bare nails (I wanted to let them 'breathe' after three weeks worth of polishing) I could resist no longer and pulled out a pastel pink polish for my manicure. Unfortunately, this pink was the sheerest nail polish ever. Even after two thick coats and one thin coat, I still had VNL. In an attempt to cover it up, I pulled out my new silver glitter from Jay Jays called Magnetic and applied a glitter gradient.
natural spring

(I do apologise for the lobster fingers, unfortunately this was the only photo which showed the polish shade the truest. )

I think after this I understand why I tend to stay away from pink polishes. I'm in no way a pink hater, in fact, I own many things which are pink, ranging from my clothes (lots of them!) to my wallet lol. Pink polishes just look horrible on me. Maybe I should just stick to my purples (love love LOVE ♥) and darker shades. Maybe...

Thanks for dropping by :).


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