Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hi ladies :) I'm sorry for disappearing off the blog for a bit. I had been really uninspired lately and the January challenge wasn't helping by putting on the pressure...needless to say, I've dropped the challenge. Maybe I'll resume it someday when inspiration strikes again.

Anyway, I've taken this time to let my peeling nails heal and wore them as nubbins. They're slowly growing out and in a much healthier state now. I may start painting them and posting pictures of them soon enough ;) As for now, I have a slight backlog of photos! Here is three coats of OPI, my favourite texture polish.

I experimented with adding a top coat and the polish is quite hungry! I think this was two coats of top coat and the finish was still not super smooth. I prefer the textured and matte look anyway ;)

Thank you for being patient with me! I hope to be back soon with some nail art again soon.

Thanks for reading.


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