Saturday, January 4, 2014

January Nail Art Challenge: Fresh

Hi ladies! This is actually a rather exciting post for me because for the first time in my blogging experience, I am going to take part in a nail art challenge! When I first saw this challenge posted up on Instagram by @californails, I knew I wanted to try it out because of the easy pace and simpler nail art prompts.

I'm a little late with the first prompt since I only saw it earlier today. I actually had a nail art idea immediately spring to mind involving fresh grass and flowers...too bad I didn't have the time to execute it :( Instead, I'm left with rather hurried and bird-like roses which only just sort of link with the 'fresh' theme.

fresh flowers

I used OPI My vampire is buff for the off white shade. I took OPI Can't find my CzechbookKeeping Suzi at bay and AmazON...AmazOFF to freehand the roses. I also layered a thicker coat of OPI Pirouette my whistle on my index and pinky nails.

fresh flowers

I'm hoping I'll have more time over the weekend to brainstorm better ideas for the future prompts. What do you think, will you be joining in on this nail art challenge? :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. You're too kind haha. Thanks for the lovely comment!

  2. Thanks so much beachgal! :)

  3. This is lovely! I just started blogging and this is my first challenge too! I'm glad it's a pretty chill list ha.


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