Friday, March 15, 2013

We'll miss you, Google Reader ♥

Hi ladies! This post is a little off topic today in that it's not related to my nails. There's important news about the way you read and follow my blog though!

So basically, word has gotten around that Google Reader will cease to function from July 1st this year. Those of you who read and follow my blog through Google Reader will unfortunately have to find alternatives :( I'm not sure on how much it'll affect Google Friend Connect but here are some alternatives to following my blog anyway.

The good news is that Bloglovin' has a button which allows you to easily import all the blogs you follow from Google Reader onto Bloglovin'. I've received a number of new followers via Bloglovin' today so a fair few ladies have already started to make the switch.

Follow on Bloglovin

If you don't want to use Bloglovin', there are also a few others ways for you to follow my posts :)

Follow via Hellocotton. It's similar to Bloglovin', except without the easy button to import all blogs from Google Reader. It does however, have a huge range of blogs for you to search and sift through. Who knows, you might end up with another hundred of beauty or nail related blogs to follow ;)

Follow me on Hellocotton

I also have an email subscription option available on my right sidebar, underneath the Google Friend Connect widget. Or you can just hit ctrl + f and type 'email address' into the search bar to find it.

You can also follow me on my social media sites - either via Facebook or Pinterest. I also upload all my images to my Flickr account :)

Hopefully you find this post helpful and that you'll be able to keep up with my postings via one or more of the methods above :) I'm more than willing to help or answer any questions if you have any so you can comment below or shoot me an email for more information.



  1. I was considering Bloglovin as my replacement reader, but I'm going to try Feedly first. I was leaning towards Bloglovin but that was before I looked at the reviews for their android app.

  2. Well this is news to me. It would explain the sudden influx of bloglovin' followers.

  3. I was wondering if this is just google reader or also the list of blogs you see when you sign in to blogger?

  4. I am not a fan of Bloglovin but us it when I find a blog I want to follow that does not have an RSS feed on it = but most I used email to follow. I am also hearing GFC is going to go but not July 1 as Reader is - something is still going to be on Google+ but I don't use that so don't know. There are some really easy back up and also export features for moving your blogs you follow to a different reader. My email program Windows Mail has an RSS reader built into it, but I find it's sort of something I don't get to like I do my email. Ugh...I would think with Blogger being so huge, Google really has blown this one by dumping all the info they collect on what folks are reading seems would be good for Google sales of target ads. I just don't get this move at all. Feedly is one many like - I don't. Folk can Google RSS readers and find tons of options and also super easy to follow directions on how to back up/archive your blog you have on reader...Google has both a transfer tool as well as a back up/archive. You need to check out Google Takeout for moving and backing up your blogs and do it long before July 1.

  5. Thanks for the feedback Relle :) I just checked out Feedly - another good alternative since it syncs with Google Reader!

  6. I think everyone's getting them! ;)

  7. I'm pretty sure it's just on Google Reader. I'm no expert on rss feeds (in fact, they still confuse me a little!) but the blogs you see when you sign into blogger will still be around after Google Reader is gone. I found the post from this blog pretty helpful too!

  8. I do believe GFC won't be hanging around too long after Google Reader is gone as well. Which is a huge bummer since this is a great way for readers to follow bloggers' posts. I just don't like how Google is doing all these little things to make us slowly turn to Google+. And apparently, rss feeds may be eventually phased out - at least, that's what I read on this site

    Thanks for letting us know about Google Takeout for backing up the blogs we follow!


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