Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wavy, rainbow pastels

Hi ladies! My posts are becoming rather sporadic due to working life, sorry about that :( I wish I had more energy and motivation to write up posts in the evening but considering I've been in a polish slump recently too, it might remain like this for awhile yet.

Anyways, this post features a rather bright and in your face manicure! :) It's actually been quite awhile since I've worn it so I don't really remember all the polishes I used :P I'll try my best though!

I basically blobbed all the colours onto a paper towel (you can use a make up sponge, if you prefer) and dabbed it onto my nails. I believe I used OPI Suzi's Hungary again, Australis Peek-a-boo, Ulta3 spring blossom, spring fling and spring shower. I then stamped with BM-201 and Ulta3 black satin before adding the LA Colors Star light.

rainbow waves1

rainbow waves2

I don't usually wear rainbow nails and especially to work too! A very bold manicure, despite using pastel shades :P Do you like these types of manicures?

Thanks for reading!


  1. This looks fantastic, a brilliant idea!

  2. i like, definitely a departure from your usual, which is always good once in a while! My usual is a plain polish, yours are always way more exciting!

  3. Aww, thank you so much! ^^ Especially coming from you, with all the flawless stamping! :)


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