Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A glittery princess

Hello hello! A short and sweet post for today :) I pulled out Cult Nails Princess to wear and decided to add a glitter gradient using OPI Which is witch?, ending up with a soft, glittery and pretty princess-y nail look ♥

glittery princess1

glittery princess2

glittery princess3

I attempted a one stroke rose look on my thumb but it didn't turn out the best... :P How do some ladies make them look so effortless and pretty?!

glittery princess4

Here's a close up look of Which is witch? because of how sparkly and gorgeous it looks :)

glittery princess5

Have you tried the one stroke look before?

Thanks for reading as always!


  1. So gorgeous and that rose looks amazing!! Awesome job!

  2. So pretty and dainty! I wasn't interested in any of the Oz collection -- doesn't seem very Oz-zie to me. No emerald?? (I guess they were going for a soft look.) But now I see how you've used OPI Which is witch? I think I'll have to get it!! Don't have any Cult Nails polishes. Maybe I'll have to try them, too!

  3. Love this combination and that Cult Nails is fabulous...

  4. Oh, you're too kind! :P Thanks so much Jessica :)

  5. I totally agree about the emerald! But the soft shades look so pretty all the same and yes, you totally have to pick up Which is Witch! :D

  6. Thank you! The Cult Nails is one of my favourite blues :D


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