Monday, February 11, 2013

Minty, rainbow sparkles

Hi ladies~ Who's hungry for a jelly and glittery sandwich? ;) I started off with two coats of China Glaze Re-fresh mint and then layered a coat of Ulta3 over the rainbow on top. To create the jelly look, I added two coats of Flormar #20. Voilà! Minty, rainbow goodness :D

rainbow glitter sandwich1

rainbow glitter sandwich2

rainbow glitter sandwich3

rainbow glitter sandwich4

Boy was this a pain to remove though... :P Do you like glitter sandwiches? What do you think, worth the removal process or not?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love glitter sandwiches and this one is gorgeous!

  2. I love glitter sammichs! They remind me of ice cream mixed with rainbow sprinkles!

  3. That's adorable <3

  4. Thanks so much Sarah! ^^

  5. I do too :D I should do the sandwiches more often ;)


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