Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas inspired nail art skittle

Hey everyone! Here's my possibly last Christmas manicure for 2012 - I was never one to be inspired by current holiday festivities for nail art anyway :P I do believe this is my most 'Christmassy' manicure to date, so I'm a little proud of it ;) Ulta3 recently posted some Christmas nail art looks on their facebook page and I took inspiration from there, adding my interpretation to the manicure.

Pinky & index: Two coats of OPI You're royal shine-ness.
Ring: Two coats of Ulta3 lily white. The candy cane stripes were done freehand (hence the wobbly lines!) with scarlet and frog prince.
Middle: Two coats of Ulta3 black satin and applied a green glitter gradient with luck of the Irish.
Thumb: I followed Nailside's holly leaf tutorial, using frog prince, scarletYou're royal shine-ness and a black nail art striper to create the look.

christmas skittles1

christmas skittles2

Ulta3 is possibly Australia's most affordable nail polish brand, retailing at only $2 a bottle. With such a low price and huge range of nail polishes, it's hard to resist buying them all! What do you think of my Christmas nail look attempt? :)

Thanks for reading!
Some products were provided for consideration.


  1. I finally got to go to my first Ulta store ever about 3 weeks ago - I think I got a bum store - it was such a mess with stuff out of place everywhere Looked like after holiday had already hit. They had nothing but a few polishes in their own brand. I went looking for polish in particular and was way disappointed with only a smattering of OPI, Zoya and a really RARE China Glaze - next to no Revlon polishes even. I see more in my dippy drug store all the way back home where I live. I have to try to look for another Ulta and see what a good one looks like. Nice combo mani!

  2. I've heard heaps about Ulta stores through other nail blogs. Wish we had them here in Australia along with all the nail polish brands offered! The brand I'm referring to in the post though, is Australian brand Ulta3 :) Can be quite confusing since the names are almost identical!


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