Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stamping with OPI Sprung

Hi ladies~ Like I mentioned in my review post, I have worn OPI Sprung from the Mariah Carey collection a fair bit since swatching it! ;) In this post, I decided to stamp a design over two coats of Sprung using BM-209 and a white stamping polish. No seriously, how can you ever get sick of Sprung?! The depth, the flecks, the shimmer...they're so amazing ♥____♥

sprung stamped1



sprung stamped2

sprung stamped3

Please tell me you're going to get this polish when it comes out :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very nice! That color is so pretty and your stamping is great!

  2. Not been a fan of the shades and textures from this collection - but I do really like this one. I have to pull out some of my older Black labels and see how this one compares to a whole collection I have of Bronze shades that were in a early 2000 something holiday OPI that has all these sonatas and musical tie in names. I am thinking of that collection when I see this one - also there is an older OPI that comes to mind something about Innsbruck and Bronze comes to mind - have to look it u - know I have it. I could totally be ready for bronzy looks holiday and after esp since we had no fall weather and I rocked my summer shades until first of Nov!

  3. Thank you so much Sarah! ^^

  4. I've seen a couple of swatches of the upcoming Euro Centrale collection and one looks quite similar to Sprung. Will be curious to see how the two compare :) Although I'm not normally a fan of dupes, it does show how awesome shades like Sprung are to be constantly modified slightly and sold...♥♥


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