Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quick swatches: OPI Euro Centrale collection

Hi ladies! I'm really short on time at the moment so I just have quick swatches of these amazing nail polishes from OPI's Euro Centrale collection to be released next year. I'll have a more in depth post up soon but check out the swatches below for now! :)

-EDIT- here is the link to my full swatch and review post :)

euro centrale lacquers1

From left to right: You're such a Budapest, Suzi's Hungary again, OPI Eurso Euro, All swatch sticks show two coats of each nail polish. You're such a Budapest actually has the prettiest hidden shimmer in it and I'll try to capture it in my full swatches coming up! You really need to look closely to spot it but my is it gorgeous ♥ was the one I was looking forward to most and it's such a beauty :D Can't wait to start layering with this one!

euro centrale lacquers2

euro centrale lacquers3

Any polishes you want from this sneak peek? ;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. is definitely my first pick too - I love layering with glitter and this is such a wonderful mix of colours :)

  2. Just wait until you layer with amazing *_____* ♥

  3. I must be missing something - many folks are excited about - I guess maybe I need to see them in retail first before I order any. I just am not knocked over by this collection from the photos I have seen so far. I liked a lot of the shades in Skyfall - but I think over all OPI has let me down for this collection - maybe like I said, I will warm up to some of them.

  4. I think it's a nail polish you need to see in person to truly appreciate - photos look nice, but it looks even better in real life ♥ I'll try get my post up tomorrow with some different layering combinations!

    The Skyfall collection really was amazing and I was blown away by all the gorgeous polishes so I understand why you may be a bit let down with this one so far :) Spring is all about the softer shades though so hopefully you'll be in the mood for them soon!

  5. Eurso Euro, for sure; I've seen several swatches of it, and it looks stunning in all of them! I love the look of, too...

  6. is amazing *___* ♥ Definitely my favourite!


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