Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Matte polish

After reading so much about matte polishes from other polish blogs, I was quite excited to get my hands on some myself. Cue Orly's Matte Vinyl.
Matte Vinyl

In all honesty, I felt a bit underwhelmed by the polish. I don't think it's Orly's fault, I think it's just that I expected too much from a matte polish. I was so excited to become a proud owner of it that it influenced my expectations from it; I had thought it'd be absolutely fabulous. The outcome? A flat polish finish. I wasn't too pleased with it, so I decided to spice up my manicure and gave it some glitter. Oh, and absolutely defy the entire purpose of having a matte finish polish by 'shining' it up.

Perhaps I was just expecting too much from the polish; I definitely don't love it, but on the other hand, I don't hate it either. If I can just think of something awesome to add to the manicure besides applying glitter...hmmm, something to sleep on, I guess :P.


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