Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello! + a haul

So, I've finally gotten myself around to dedicating a blog to my polish addiction :P. I was thrown into the world of polish earlier this year after stumbling across a polish blog. Needless to say, I became a bit obsessed with nail polish and began to paint my nails on a regular basis thereafter.

I currently own 55 bottles of nail polish, which sounds quite little when compared to all the polish addicts in the blogosphere hehe. Just yesterday, I went on a mini excursion to buy some China Glaze and Orly nail polish :).

From left to right:

Top row
IDK, 2NITE, Re-Fresh Mint, Light as Air

Bottom row
Wagon Tail, Lasso my heart, C-C-Courage, Matte Vinyl

I'm really excited, since these are my first CG and Orly polishes; I can't wait to try them on! Hmmmm, which one should I pick first? :D


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