Friday, July 30, 2010

The postman visits

A couple of Sundays ago,  placed an order on BF Beauty for some stamping plates. They finally arrived yesterday (it took 8 working days from Hong Kong to Australia - that's not bad, I don't think ^^) and I could hardly contain my glee. I think I even squealed aloud a few times...

I was too lazy to take each individual plate out of the packet for the photo, hehe.

I was so excited I decided to try out some stamping straight away. Stripped my nails of my matte manicure and painted on China Glaze's Light as Air. Then I used an Australian polish for stamping; BYS' French White.

It's my first time stamping, so it's not a fabulous job; actually, my right hand was rather fail so I didn't use it for photos this time. My favourite nail would have to my left middle finger even though part of the butterfly wasn't stamped on properly. You can only imagine what a disaster my right hand is from this photo, lol.

I used plate C03:

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so all I have to do is spend more time on stamping. Oh, and get some polishes which are more appropriate for stamping too - you can see that the white polish didn't come out that well.


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