Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Purple skittled cheetah

Hi everyone. What to do when in a(n eternal) nail art rut? Turn to skittle nails and some cheetah accents :P

Pinky: Two coats of Ulta3 Black satin layered with Ulta3 xoxo.
Ring & thumb: Two coats of OPI My vampire is buff. Cheetah print painted with Nicole by OPI Love song & xoxo and a black nail art striper.
Middle: Two coats of Love song with some Born Pretty Store studs to accent.
Index: Two coats of Love song layered with Sweet Color W001.

purple skittled cheetah

What do you do when you're totally uninspired?

Thanks for reading.


  1. What a beautiful manicure! It inspires me to think of trying some nail art myself.

  2. Thank you! :) I'd love to see how I inspired you too!


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