Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Swatches & review: Ulta3 Lip Paint

Hi everyone! Today, I have something a little bit different - it's a non-nail related post. I have been dabbling a lot more into makeup for awhile now and would love to share my experience too. Whilst Polish Infatuated started off as a nail polish focused blog, I think a lot of readers are also interested in makeup, which is why I have finally decided to post about other beauty products too. Don't worry, this blog will definitely remain focused on nail polish, but I'll also be posting about makeup every now and then :)

So, onto the lippies! I have been rather obsessed with colours this past summer and the Ulta3 Lip Paints arrived just in time before the season ended! From top to bottom: Manic Mauve, Eclectic Orange, Extreme Pink, Radical Red, Loud Purple, Expressive Fuchsia.

These lip glosses are bold and very opaque - they're definitely not for the faint of heart! The lip glosses come with a doe foot applicator that I was pleasantly surprised with, considering the super affordable $5.95 price point. When the gloss is applied, I felt a soothing cooling sensation, which I think is due to the peppermint oil present.

Here is a quick swatch of each shade on my arm. Manic Mauve is definitely the 'safest' shade of the lot and was the one I was drawn to many times when I first tried them on. Expressive Fuchsia has really caught my attention recently though, and I find myself always reaching for it now.

Are you a fan of bold lippies? What are some good recommendations? :)

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  1. these look quite awesome! How long do they last?


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