Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hot chocolate to lessen the cold

Hi ladies! Continuing on with the winter nail art theme, I have some hot chocolate nails to share with you today :) For a non-coffee and tea drinking person, hot chocolate is the best way to warm up a frozen girl ;)

Pinky & ring: Two coats of OPI I knead sour-dough for the Liquid Sand accent nails (previously reviewed here).
Middle: Two coats of OPI Suzi loves cowboys. I then used acrylic paint for the hot chocolate drink.
Index: Two coats of OPI Wooden show like to know?
Thumb: Drag marbled with Suzi loves cowboys and OPI Did you 'ear about Van Gough?

hot chocolate nail art

hot chocolate nail art

hot chocolate nail art

Yes, I did use all OPI nail polishes in this look :P What can I say, almost all my brown polishes come from this brand!

What are some good methods you use to keep warm in winter? I'd love to here them, it's freezing here in Australia!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Don't worry it is alway good time for chocolate :-)
    Beautiful and funny mani!

  2. How ADORABLE!!!!! I love it!

  3. Thanks so much! :D And yes, I so feel like a hot choc right now ;)

  4. Thanks, Miss Niki! :D


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