Saturday, July 20, 2013

Savvy by DB - Razzle & Dazzle

Hi ladies! I don't know about you, but when I find happen across dupes which are super cheap, I just cannot resist. Especially when they're dupes to a huge lemming! Savvy by DB is a relatively cheap cosmetic brand which has put out some pretty interesting nail polishes recently. In fact, I'd say quite a few of them happen to be great dupes to their more expensive twin - such as Razzle & dazzle. A-England She walks in beauty has been on my lemming list for quite some time so you can imagine I pounced and grabbed Razzle & dazzle as soon as my eyes laid on them ;)

This is one coat layered over two coats of OPI Thanks a windmillion.

thanks a windmillion layered with razzle & dazzle

thanks a windmillion layered with razzle & dazzle

You can be sure that I'll be playing with this one lots! ♥ What do you think of cheaper nail polish companies duping higher end brands?

Thanks for reading!


  1. so beautiful! great layering polish!

  2. Lovely look!

    I am a fan of inexpensive polish, especially when they're good quality and 3 free. It's nice to know that some brands don't hike the price up for the sake of it :)

  3. Thanks Nicole! :)

  4. Definitely agree! Huge lover of cheaper dupes ;)


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