Friday, May 31, 2013

Studding up my nails

Hi ladies~ I was in the mood for an excessive 3D nail art look but I wanted it to be a little more different than my previous attempts (see here and here). So I pulled out some studs to play with instead! ;)

Pinky & index: Three coats of OPI Here today...Aragon tomorrow and then applied a glitter gradient with Alanna Renee Golden snitch.
Ring: Two coats of OPI Live and let die.
Middle: Three coats of Here today...Aragon tomorrow and some square studs.
Thumb: Two coats of Golden snitch and then I taped off my nails and applied Live and let die. Finished the nail off with some bullion beads and a tear drop stud :)

studding up

studding up

It's not as excessive as I had initially felt like putting on my nails but I really enjoyed the studded look ♥ I used the studs from this stud wheel available on Born Pretty Store. I believe some of the studs I received were different to the ones shown in the photo. As usual, you can use my discount code PIJ61 for 10% off your total purchase.

Have you caught onto the stud nail art trend yet? :)

Thanks for reading!


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