Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stamping series: A review of the stamping plates

Hello everyone :) Just to round up, here are the stamping manicures I showed over the past few posts! The plates I used from left to right, top to bottom: m71, m79, m73, m65, m69, m77, m65 (clicking the links will lead you back to the original post)

You may or may not have noticed this - the stamping plates I used in all the manicures shown were in actual fact fauxnad plates available for purchase from Born Pretty Store under the name 16 pcs New Design Nail Art Stamp Template. As you can see from the designs I've used and from the link, these plates are the exact copy of the original Konad ones. If you don't really care for brand, then you can buy all 16 plates for $18.48 and you get free shipping! Quality wise, I found only one plate of the 6 I have tried so far to be of lower quality as the design was not etched deeply enough to ensure a clean transfer.

If you're a beginner with stamping, then this is a set of stamping plates worth considering, especially since there are such a large number of designs to choose from. Even if you're an experienced stamper, you can do with some cheap plates ;) The plates all arrived individually packaged and with a plastic covering over the metal plate to protect it. I love, love, love the fact that these plates are so cheap! At $18.48 for 16 plates, it comes down to $1.16 per plate and considering the original Konad plates are $6.90 each, that's a real bargain. Besides the free international shipping you can check out with, I also have a discount code PIJ61 for a further 10% off your total purchase.

Have you tried these stamping plates before? What are your experiences with stamping in general?

Thanks for reading!


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