Monday, September 17, 2012

Stamping series: Fit for a royalty!

Hi ladies~ It was my birthday a few days ago so I decided to wear my favourite colour on my nails for the day - purple! Since I was still on prac, I wasn't able to do much nail art and really, this was rather extreme for a workplace appropriate manicure! :P

I started with two coats Chi Chi Hung up. To add a little more sparkle to the shimmery polish, I layered a coat of OPI I over it. Then, because I just have to stamp over it, I took fauxnad plate m77 and stamped the necklace design over the gorgeous base colours :)

fit for a royalty1

fit for a royalty2

fit for a royalty3

Yummo, I loved this manicure while it lasted. I took it off after two days though, only because I could finally wear bold and bright colours again! :D

m77 1

m77 2

How's that for nails fit for a royalty? And on my birthday, no less. Of course, I'm the queen when it comes to my day... ;)

Thanks for reading!


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