Thursday, May 10, 2012

Swatches and review: Number one nemesis

Hello~Second up from OPI's The Amazing Spider-man collection is Number one nemesis. I was quite excited with this polish as I heard it was a Chanel Graphite dupe. Dupe or not though, this one is a pretty! ♥

The formula on this was thinner and I applied two thick coats of Number one nemesis in my photos below. Prior to swatching this, I had actually worn it as a full mani (no photos cos they were crap), which required three thinner coats. Either way, I loved the outcome, so go with whichever you prefer!

number one nemesis1

number one nemesis2

Mmmm, these photos really don't do the polish justice. Trust me, it definitely is worth owning! Are you in love or are you in love? :D

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  1. It looks very pretty!

  2. Hmm, I'm skeptical. It's too muddy looking to me.

  3. Love this! Just got it on Tuesday.

  4. It is :D Totally worth owning ♥

  5. Ohhh, it really is a pretty :)

  6. Totally agreed!

  7. Glad you own it, it's worth it :D


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