Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: Born Pretty Store Hello Kitty ring

Hellohello! I've got such a gorgeous ring to feature in this post today :) One other thing I'm really into besides nail polish is definitely rings. And whilst I don't hoard collect it like I do with nail polish, I can't pass up on the really pretty ones. Which is why when I discovered nail polish rings, I totally had to jump on board and make some myself...but more about that in a later post :)

This Hello Kitty ring, or as Born Pretty Store calls it 'Lovely Hello Kitty Crown Crystal Bling Diamante Ring Adjustable' (what a mouthful!) is one such example of a ring I can't pass up. As the name of the ring suggests, it is adjustable, so you won't have to worry about whether the ring is too small or large.

Hello Kitty ring1

Fun fact: Since getting into nail polish rings, I have realised the wonder of adjustable rings. I used to turn my nose up at them because I relate them to the toy rings I once owned as a child. Oh, but how useful are they when you can't try rings on like you would in a shop! Just buy and adjust - simple as that :D (Of course, if I can try the ring on, I still prefer the non-adjustable ones...for some reason, they just look more elegant and classy to me :P)

Anyway, back to the Hello Kitty ring. I loveeeeeeeee this ring and I'm not even that big a fan of Hello Kitty! It's just so blingy under the sun (as the name suggests!) and super cute. I find that the rind band is still a little loose on my middle finger even at the 'tightest' setting, but it's not a huge deal that'll put me off wearing the ring.

Hello Kitty ring2

If you're a Hello Kitty fan, I'm sure you won't be able to pass this ring up! Born Pretty Store also sells heaps of other accessories which you can find here. I really love that they're no longer just a nail art supply webstore and expanding their horizons. No one's going to complain if they offer such cute accessories at such low prices too! Free international shipping is offered and with my 10% discount code PIJ61, you'll find it hard to stop yourself from buying too much!

What do you think of the Hello Kitty ring? Do you love rings as much as nail polish?

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  1. The ring is really nice! And the crown that replaces the usual Hello Kitty bow does look nice, hehe. :D

  2. This ring looks adorable :D 

  3. It really is a nice replacement for it :)

  4. I love it! :D Need to wear it more haha.


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