Sunday, April 22, 2012

Swatches and review: China Glaze Crackle Glitter (part 2)

Hello hello~ After posting Part 1 of the Crackle Glitter collection yesterday, here is Part 2. I've already covered the basics about the formula in my previous post so I'll just get right into here!

Jade-D is a lovely lime-green crackle glitter, which leans to more to the yellow side. I layered this over two coats of Rimmel Grey matter.



Luminous lavender is a light lavender crackle glitter. I decided to try this over China Glaze Light as air and loved the subtle result! ♥

luminous lavender1

luminous lavender2

And as promised, here are all the crackle glitters layered over black. From index to pinky: Gleam me up, Luminous lavender, Jade-D, Glam-more.

chg glitter crackle1

They definitely do pop more over black! I'm especially loving the look of Jade-D, the yellow really comes out here. I'll have to wear these over darker shades next time :)

chg glitter crackle2

As you can see, the crackle effect came out much better this time because I had enough glitter on the polish brush. So yes, whilst I'm supposedly over crackle polishes, I'll be wearing these crackle glitters often!

What do you think, are you back into the crackle craze? :)

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  1. I've never been much into crackle polishes, but I love that these are glitter!! >:D

  2. They really do look amazing :D Glitter is totally something different and amazing to the usual crackles :)

  3. These crackle polishes look very pretty!

  4. I'm gonna have to buy these. I just love glitter :-) And these look like a much more subtle crackle, which I like. 

  5. the purple is awesome!thanks for these swatches

  6. They really do :D

  7. The crackling is much more subtle compared to the other polishes. I think the glitter makes a nice differences ^^

  8. No problem, glad you liked them! :)


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