Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another skittle mani :)

Hey everyone! Does any else love skittle manis as much as I do? :P I wore this awhile ago, around the time I posted about the blue skittle mani. And looking at it now, I want to wear another one! Awesome, I have a new manicure idea :D

Anyways, here are the polishes I used:

Pinky & index: Two coats of Ulta3 Royal fever
Ring & thumb: Two coats of China Glaze IDK
Middle: Two coats of Zoya Dannii with a matte topcoat on. I loooooooove the matte look of this polish! ♥

purple skittles1

purple skittles2

purple skittles3

Here are some photos under artificial light so you can see the beautiful holo goodness that is IDK! :) The polish colours aren't too accurate here.

purple skittles4

purple skittles5

What do you think of skittle manis? Any colour suggestions for my next one? ^^

Thanks for reading.


  1. Very pretty! Skittle manis look great, but I still haven´t done this kind of mani myself.

  2.  i love the purples..  how about greens?  I am on a green kick right now

  3. Wow, this came out great!

  4. Oh they do! You must try them out soon haha :)

  5. They're so awesomeeeeee ♥

  6. Ooh, thanks for your suggestion! Will definitely try that out soon!

  7. Purple is my favouriteeeeeeeeeee <3

  8. Thanks Jessica! :)

  9. Thank you Jen! :)


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