Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nail & cuticle care routine

Hi ladies~ :) I have been getting questions about how I take care of my nail and cuticle so I thought this post would be helpful and answer some questions. I just want to start off by saying that my nails are in no way perfect (in fact, they're currently quite stained and I'm still trying to grow them out!); the only reason they happen to look nice in my photos is because of the following routine.

1. Removal of old nail polish

I don't use anything special, just a local cheap and acetone-free polish remover. I usually pour it in my pumper bottle (which isn't shown) so it's easier to get the remover onto the cotton ball piece. I unroll my cotton ball so that I can make good use of the ball and tear as many pieces as I can from it. I then take the cotton pieces, soak them with remover and place it onto my nail plate, waiting 15-20 seconds before swiping it off my nail. Of course, the removal process will depend on the type of nail polish you are removing - glitter will generally take the most amount of time to remove.

2. Pushing back your cuticle

And after all that? I take a shower to make sure any residue is washed off! :) I also push back my cuticles gently while in the shower as the warm water softens them and makes it easier to push back.

3. Moisturising the cuticle

After my shower, I lather my cuticles with cuticle cream. Whilst my remover doesn't contain acetone, my nail plate still gets dry. I rub the cream into my cuticles, and any leftover onto my nail plate. I like to use my Burts Bees cuticle cream throughout the day as it leaves less oily residue. I take my Lemony Flutter out right before bed and apply it onto my cuticles and nail plate again.

4. Filing your nail

When I need to give my nails a trim, I use a glass file by Manicure. Make sure when you file you don't saw back and forth on your nail or you'll damage it! File in one direction until you reach your desired length. I prefer a more squoval shape so once I like my length, I round off my edges to ensure they don't get caught on things.

5. Go to town! It's time to polish your nails :D

my take on gita&whimsical2
(original post with the mani here)

I hope this was somewhat helpful to you all ^^ If you have any questions, let me know either through commenting or emailing me, I'm always happy to answer your questions :)

Thanks for reading.


  1. Yay 4 good cuticle care!! So many people overlook this in their beauty routine!!

  2. I love these posts. They are so insightful. I love your glass nail file. 

  3. i love this might have to do mine as well.

  4. really want to try LUSH Lemony nails look gorgeous doll:)
    Sara xx

  5. I wanna try out that Lush cuticle butter, looks good!

  6. Lemony Flutter and the Burt's Bees sound like a really good combination to restore your nails :) Lemony moisturising goodness :D

  7. Oh, it really is a must! Ragged and dry cuticles are such a put off :(

  8. Thank you ^^ Glad you liked it and found it helpful.

  9. Glad you like it :)

  10. Lemony Flutter is AMAZING. I've been on prac the past few weeks - meaning lots of contact with water and washing hands - and it really has saved my cuticles from drying up.

  11. It is! :D Read the above comment and see how it saves your hands :P

  12. Oh, they really are :P I love the two of them and am going to lather my hands in it this winter!


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