Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flakey layered over flakey?

Hey everyone~So, what do you get when you layer a flakey top coat over a flakey filled polish? Lots and lots of flakies, of course! And while I'm a huuuuuuuuge lover of flakies (♥♥♥), I'm not actually sure I like this end result *shockhorror*

I started off with two coats of Orly Fowl play, which has beautiful blue-orange-red shifting flakies in a plum jelly base. I proceeded to add one coat of Nubar 2010 over it, but didn't like how the denser green-yellow-orange flakies over powered the base. So I decided to layer one thick coat of Australis Speck-tacular to re-emphasise the base flakies. I don't think it really did much seeing as Speck-tacular has really sparse flakies. And because of that, I still think 2010 looks too overpowering and makes the mani look a little...ugly. Definitely has to do with 2010 - maybe it just isn't meant to be with Fowl play.

fowl play and flakies1

fowl play and flakies2

fowl play and flakies3

While I consider this a fail layering, I'll be trying more flakey layerings in the future...I just need more different flakey polishes first! What do you think, is this too much? :P

Thanks for reading.


  1. This some how reminds me of snake skin - like scales on the nails. I think it would look great with a blue toned flakie. 

  2. awesome color

  3. I think it photographed beautifully but I know what you mean about Nubar 2010. After seeing gorgeous blog photos featuring that color I ordered it just a few days ago and upon receiving it realized it's a dupe for the Finger Paints Flashy that I already own. GrrRrrr.  It's pretty but in RL for me it is predominantly orange.

  4. The snake skin look definitely has to do with 2010! I've actually layered it over a blue before ^^  Loooooooove! ♥

  5. Ohhhh, I'd love to be able to get my hands on the FP flakey collection! Sooooooo many pretty and different flakies, well, minus the dupes I have of them already :P

    1. Do you know of anywhere that you can still get the FP flakies? I fell in love when I saw them on a blog but by the time I saw the post I couldn't find them ANYWHERE!!! I've been trying to something even remotely similar. The only thing is sally Hanson diamond strength in glass slipper but its just not the same...

  6. Holy cow that's stunning!

  7. I'm not sure, unfortunately :( I don't live in the US where it is definitely more easily accessible, despite it being HTF. Maybe try ebay or dusty hunting? :)


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