Saturday, March 10, 2012

First attempt at drawing roses

Hi everyone~ Awhile back, I came across a rose nail art tutorial on youtube and decided to give it a go, seeing as it looked quite simple.

I applied three coats of The Face Shop PP404 onto my index and pinky nails. It is a sheer lavender shade with a light shimmer running throughout it. I think I'll be layering this over a light purple next time! On my thumb and fourth finger, I applied three coats of NOPI Kim-pletely in love. On my middle finger, I applied two coats of Ulta3 lily white. The rose nail art was made with Sinful Colors Vela and lily white. I've forgotten what polish I used for the leaves, sorry!

rose nail art1

rose nail art2

rose nail art3

My topcoat bubbled, unfortunately, hence the ugly bubbles on my middle nail. And I thought my roses looks kind of like goldfishes too! :( Oh well, practise makes perfect so hopefully they'll look much better next time.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have The Face Shop's PP404 too and I agree that it is SUPERR sheer! It's a really pretty purple too and it lasted me around 5 days before it actually started chipping so that was real good for a cheap polish! 
    Your roses are so pretty by the way... I don't think I'll be able to do that aha! 

  2. I've always wanted to try the Face Shop polishes but however I quite like the sheerness of it! Also you are so skilled! I tried drawing the roses a while ago and failed miserably!

  3. This is beautiful!! Your roses are really good and I love the delicate colors you used!

  4. First, I didn't even see the goldfish until you mentioned it, so that's not an issue. The easy way to fix that is just put one or two leaves on a different side (exactly opposite on one, 45 degree offset on another, for example) and then there won't be an overwhelming goldfish thing going on. :) Second, we're always our own worst critic. I've noticed this trend on nail bloggers. The reader thinks the mani looks gorgeous, even while the writer is pointing out all the little things she did wrong. Nobody but you knows what image in your head you were *trying* for (and didn't reach, 'cause do we ever get results that look as good as the image in our heads?) We just look at the result and go, "Oooh that looks cool!" 

    I'm currently working on my entry into More Nail Polish's "Inspired by" contest, and I did up some sample tries on plastic last night. I didn't like the results, but before I scrapped the idea, I took them over to my hubby. His eyes lit UP when he saw them, and went, "Wow, those are great!" I was a bit startled, actually. I asked if didn't this or that element look a little blobby, and he said, "No, I saw the picture you were working with. It looks really good!"

    So yeah, I'm gonna try real hard when I post them later -not- to trash talk my own nail art. It's something to think about when writing your blog posts. :) Because you know, these roses are really pretty. You could use some practice on the leaves (they're my bane of flowers, too!), yeah, but the roses are great!

  5. pasionstarbutterflyMarch 11, 2012 at 7:10 AM

    very pretty purple

  6. look great, i like it :)

  7. Awwww, thanks Ivy ^^ Definitely will be layering it next time, it is a rather pretty purple polish :)

  8. Ohhh, trust me, this was after many fails - and constantly still need to improve, of course :P I love that the roses were so simple to draw for this though - definitely check out the tutorial!

  9. We definitely are our own worst critics! I don't mean to trash talk my nail art, just sharing my opinion of it, is all. Maybe it's because there are so many beautiful and talented nail artists out there that I just don't feel as good as them!

    Good luck with your entry though - I'm looking forward to seeing them all!

  10. Thank you Aleta!

  11. Thanks Karlene ^^

  12. I love it too :D


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