Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I wore in HK #1

Hi ladies~I thought I'd do a mini series on the manis I wore in Hong Kong, using the polishes I bought whilst there :P When I say mini, I mean super mini - I think there are only three manis haha! I'll start things off with a simple mani using Etude House WH702. I picked up this pretty in one of the small boutique stores at Argyle Centre, Mong Kok. They had more to select from but I was a really good girl and only bought ones I didn't think I'd have a dupe of!

This pretty grey polish with a glass fleck finish caught my attention though and I knew I had to have it :P Shown is two coats of WH702.


wh702 2

I love how cute the Etude House bottles are :) Are you tempted by cute polish bottles sometimes? :P

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I love cute bottles.. they melt my heart!! 


  2. It has such a gorgeous shimmer :D

  3. Yeahhhhhh, the finish is gorgeous! :D

  4. Half the fun is definitely the bottle varieties!


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