Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Hong Kong haul

Hi ladies! I was able to pick up some nail polishes during my trip to Hong Kong. While this isn't a huge haul (I was good and only picked up polishes I really wanted!), it has fulfilled my goal to pick up some Asian (read Korean :P) brands as well as welcome into my stash some OPIs I have been lemming but was unable to get my hands on.

hk haul1

Firstly, some OPIs I have had my eyes on for awhile :P I was good and only bought four although I was sorely tempted in the shop to buy more!

Road house blues, I juggle...men, I lilly love you, Russian navy suede

hk haul2

And some Korean nail polishes! :D The annoying thing about them though, is the lack of proper name! They all have numbers only and it's so hard to remember which one is which.

Etude HouseWH702, The Face Shop BL801, PP404, PK102, Skinfood VI408

hk haul3

On my second last day, I spied some Flormar nail polish which were only 10HKD - that's only 1.25AUD!! Sadly, what I thought was white nail polish turned out to be extremely sheer. Hopefully it has some hidden element which will surprise me when I bring it out for layering! And frustratingly, these polishes don't have names either! :(

20, 32

hk haul4

I also picked up some Steam cream while I was in Hong Kong since my skin was sooooooooo dry from the winter air. And it is what a lifesaver it was! After two uses, my skin was back to its moisturised self and oh-so-smooth. It was almost like touching baby skin - yes it was that smooth! I'm currently using the cream sparingly haha, but once I run out, I'll definitely be buying more :D

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love seeing the shape of polish bottles from other countries. Fun haul!

  2. That all looks awesome! :D

    You can find the names of Skinfood polishes on their website - your one is Purple Stone. Maybe it's the same for other Korean polishes? I've seen some of those brands at Blush Cosmetics (there's one on Sussex St and another in World Square), but probably a lot pricier than in HK...

    Where did you buy all the stuff? In particular the Steam Cream? I might be going to HK soon too... :)

  3. Nice haul!! Such beautiful polishes.

  4. Oh nice haul, really surprised you didn't haul more because there was so many polishes I wanted from there. I'm really liking the Korean polishes, especially the ones from The Face Shop.

  5. Very pretty haul !! i used flormar ;) very nice nail polish..


  6. I was in Hong Kong for a holiday around a month ago... where did you find your OPI polishes??! I didn't manage to find any ): But the Revlon polishes are beyond cheap there! (..unlike the prices in Australia.)

  7. Thanks! I'm loving my new pretties hehe :D

  8. Oooh, yes! That's almost half the fun in trying new brands :D

  9. Ohh, thanks for letting me know! I'll be sure to note down the Skinfood polish :)

    The Skinfood polish I bought in a Skinfood store - there are several in Hong Kong. You might want to google it for location. The Face Shop I found in Sasa.

    As for the OPI, I bought them from Cher2 (http://cher2.com/) as well as Purple Words (http://purplewords.com.hk/). I've also seen them in Mannings but for double the price I paid in the other two shops. Sasa also stocks NOPI but I could buy OPI for cheaper so I didn't even bother with the NOPI haha!

    I got my Steam Cream from Seibu in Langham Place! What a steal, with the Aussie dollar doing so well compared to paying $25 here! Boo to silly inflated Australian prices.

  10. Awww, thank you! ^^

  11. Ditto about the Revlon! 25HKD for a bottle compared to 10AUD++...No Revlon shopping here at all thanks! I bought my OPI polishes from Cher2 and Purple Words - have a look at my reply to LabMuffin for more detail! :)

  12. Ohhh, I really had to restrain myself haha! I mostly shopped with my boyfriend and with him around, I could at least control my spending :P

  13. where did you find flomar?! i've seriously never seen it here, even though i live in hong kong...==

  14. Nice!!! Im going to hong kong in a few days and was wondering how did u manage to bring home your nail polidh back home? What was your procedure?? Help me pls!

  15. Oh, the joys of being a HKer and tourist at the same time :P I found them in a shop at Tseung Kwan O Plaza - I don't recall the name though, sorry! I'm guessing the Flomar are older and therefore cheap, but if you live close to TKO or still interested, definitely check it out!: )

  16. I simply put my nail polish into a plastic bag, made sure it was tied up and secure so the bottles couldn't roll around much. I then stuffed it into my suitcase where my clothes were used as padding :) No bottle breakages at all!


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