Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Office Polish-tics

Hello~ :) I'm sneaking in a quick break before diving back into my pile of assignments lol. I wore Misa Office polish-tics a couple of weeks ago whilst on my prac and since it lasted for the week, I thought I'd write up another quick review.

This is two coats of Office polish-tics and I think the photo was taken on the third day of wear. As you can see, no chips or tip wear :D. This lasted until the fifth day when I finally took it off. The polish was slightly thicker than normal, but not thick enough to worry about.
office polish-tics

Application: 8/10
Chipping: 10/10
Price: 9/10 (purchased at

Yet another work appropriate polish to add to my favourites list :).


  1. I like it, it's on my wish list :)

  2. I'd definitely wear this shade to the office!

  3. I love this!!!! This whole Misa collection is pretty! I think this color is great! Wow, awesome wear time too!

  4. It's definitely a beautiful office friendly polish~^^

  5. :D I'd wear it every where too, it's gorgeous hehe.

  6. Excellent wear time + pretty polish, what more can we ask for? ;)


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