Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review: High society

Hi everyone~ Today I'm showing you my go-to-workplace nail polish, I love it loads! :) I started a part of my prac this week and since I had been wearing Color Club High society the entire week, why not review it?

Shown is two coats of High society, taken after four days of wear. As you can see, there's no tip wear or chipping, just a little bit of nail growth. By the end of five days, I was mighty sick of the polish but it was still in it's original condition, beautiful and glossy - I actually had half a mind to leave it on!
high society

Application: 9/10
Chipping: 10/10
Price: 8/10 (I purchased this at



  1. This one's nice and glossy! I like! Yay for it not chipping too after 5 days~ love those kinds of polishes. :D

  2. Lovely colour, And congrats on making the Gumleaf Mafia

  3. I looove this color it's so easy to wear for many days

  4. tiff: Yep, I was quite surprised actually! I'm glad though, my fave work appropriate polish is win! :D

    nicnacksnails: I know right :). Love it <3

  5. Cat: Awwww, thank you ^^

    GothamPolish: Hehe, it is! Although I was sick of it after 5 days, the awesome wear was tempting me to keep it on for longer :P

  6. :D Which is why High Society is my favourite neutral work polish <3


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